Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. I, No. 2, September 1995

'The Proletariat in Arms' 1926, Diego Rivera (1886-1957), Mural, Mexico, Ministry of Education

Imperialist Penetration and the State of India's Elementary Education, C.N. Subramaniam.

Recent Gender Crimes in Delhi University: Two Case Studies, Uma Chakravarti and Tripta Wahi.

An Interview with Sub-Comandante Marcos of the Zapatista Army.

Thus Spake Kaganovich, Feliks Chuyev.

Statement of the Kaganovich Family.

Two Letters of Friedrich Engels, Vijay Singh

Bolshevism and the National Question

International Responses to the Seminar 'Stalin Today'

A Communist Declaration to the Workers and Peoples of the World

International Declaration All-Union Communist Workers' Guard (Bolshevik)


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