From: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It is a pleasure to know that the revolutionary intellectuals of India are going to publish the theoretical journal entitled "Revolutionary Democracy". Such a theoretical journal is urgently needed, particularly at a time when there is a lot of confusion even among the genuine Marxists and revolutionaries. Bourgeois intellectuals, revisionists and opportunists are distorting history and slandering socialism. So Marxists and the revolutionaries should intensify the theoretical battle.

I hope "Revolutionary Democracy" would contribute much in this regard.

Haider Akbar Khan Rano,
Member, Polit Bureau,
Workers' Party of Bangladesh.

From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada,

"Northstar Compass" was born in order to act as a unifying force for the Concerned Friends of Soviet People, formerly the Canada-USSR Association.

After the death of Stalin the revisionists started the process of destroying the USSR and socialism. This finally resulted in reactionary forces of Gorbachev and Yeltsin, who has imposed dictatorship on Soviet people. This counter-revolutionary clique recently degenerated into a vicious war against the Chechen people. The lack of a socialist state of the USSR is being felt by all of humanity. We must establish solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Soviet Union urgently. This we hope will be the goal of - "Revolutionary Democracy." We greet the formation of your journal that aims for the restoration of socialism. We hope that we shall be able to exchange publications.

Long Live Socialism!
Forward Towards the Resurrection of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!

Michael Lucas, President,
"Concerned Friends of Soviet People" and
Editorial Committee of "Northstar Compass".

From: Campbellville, Ontario, Canada.

Alliance (Marxist-Leninist) was founded in 1991 to help further develop the revival of the Marxist-Leninist movement world-wide. Its primary mandate was to assist in the formation of a new Marxist- Leninist party in the USA and Canada. Alliance also awaited developments in other countries. The fall of previously socialist Albania has disorientated the Marxist -Leninist movement world-wide. It is now well overdue that we pick up the pieces and proceed onwards to international socialism. We therefore see the formation and publication of "Revolutionary Democracy", as a sign of Marxist-Leninist revival. Many groups exist in many countries, and are currently in a ferment world-wide. In many countries there are several parties struggling over issues such as unity. In each country debate among all groups on a principled basis must continue. Intense discussion and dissection of how revisionism took hold of the international movement must proceed. Only with this knowledge can we diagnose the problem. Only with the correct diagnosis can we cut out the cancer of revisionism in all its forms. Alliance Marxist-Leninist set itself the task of searching out other Marxist-Leninist forces. We set out to engage in principled dialogue on issues that confront the movement, both within our states, and world-wide. We set out on this basis to proceed to the task of building the Marxist-Leninist party. We fully anticipate that this will be the mission of "Revolutionary Democracy". Only on grounds of principled debate, will there be principled unity.

The Editorial Board "Alliance (Marxist-Leninist)"
Canada and United States of America.

Towards the Marxist-Leninist Party of India!
Towards the new Marxist-Leninist International!

From: Rome, Italy.

On the occasion of the publication of the first number of your journal, we wish you great success in your work. Your theoretical and political activity will certainly give a valuable contribution to the struggle of your people for social emancipation, freedom and progress. While imperialism and reaction endure a general crisis the perspective of the world advances towards the revolution.

Long live the International of the working class and of the peoples!
Long live the unity of the communists on the basis of Marxist-Leninism!

The Editorial Board of "La Nostra Lotta",
Organ of the Organisation for the Communist Party
of the Proletariat of Italy.

From: Auckland, New Zealand.

The Marxist-Leninist Collective of New Zealand sends best wishes for the publication of the journal "Revolutionary Democracy" as a new progressive force in the world communist movement.

Fraternal greetings,
Communist Party of New Zealand Reconstruction Collective

From: Leningrad, Russia.

The All-Union Communist Party (Bolshevik) [AUCP(B)] sends its greetings and congratulations to the Editorial Board and readership of "Revolutionary Democracy" on the forthcoming appearance of its first number. We wish the new progressive publication will be a consistently objective informant of the working people, assisting them to gain knowledge of contemporary revolutionary theory and helping to form ties of solidarity and organisation in their struggles for the defence of the social and political interests of workers.

Nina Andreyeva,
General Secretary,

From: Moscow, Russia.

The Congress of Soviet Women sends communist greetings to the new Marxist-Leninist journal "Revolutionary Democracy". We expect your journal to raise the important theme of the women's movement and the liberation of women as well as the other practical and theoretical questions of the communist movement. We wish you good luck, creative work, a large circulation, fast recognition and fame. You are putting forward fundamental and just aims. It means that you have chosen a thorny path in the current world of struggle. We wish you to walk straight and forward along this path with a proudly-raised head.

With communist greetings,
The Congress of Soviet Women.

From: Moscow, Russia

We congratulate the Editorial Board of the new journal on its foundation and eagerly await the appearance of the first issue. We know the members of the editorial staff as true champions of the cause of scientific communism, of the working class of the world, and of the cause of Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin.

Today it is a keen necessity to continue the classical tradition of Marxism: deeply scientific, and sharp political journalism in a clear style to unmask the contemporary bourgeoisie and its opportunist servitors. It is necessary to carry the scientific understanding of the inevitability of a new revolution and the ways of accomplishing it to the revolutionary youth. They still await the theoretical prognostication of the ways of building a genuine communist society.

The Komsomol of Russia and the editorial staff of the newspaper "Bumbarash - 2017", which have been in the struggle for the cause of revolutionary communism since the April of 1989, hope that the journal "Revolutionary Democracy" will be published on a regular basis and circulate amidst the working class of all the five continents of the planet. Let each number of the journal be a shell fired against international imperialism.

With communist greetings,
Pavel Bylevskii,
Secretary for Ideology,
Central Committee,
Russian Communist Youth League,
Editor of the Newspaper "Bumbarash - 2017".

From: London, United Kingdom.

We all wish you on behalf of the Association of Communist Workers and the Association of Indian Communists every success for your journal "Revolutionary Democracy" both in circulation and in putting forward correct political perspectives. We look forward to receiving a copy of your first issue.

With comradely greetings,
Association of Communist Workers,
Association of Indian Communists.

From: London, United Kingdom.

Fraternal greetings and good wishes for your theoretical journal "Revolutionary Democracy". We sincerely hope your endeavours will prove to be a mighty weapon in the hands of the revolutionary proletariat, and a source of inspiration to anti-revisionists in many countries. There are no greater tasks than upholding the revolutionary banner of Marxist-Leninism , defending the teachings of comrade Stalin, and exposing the many faces of modern revisionism. In proletarian solidarity we wish your journal success and long life.

John Puntis,
theoretical journal of the Communist League.

From: Patna, Bihar.

We are glad that you are bringing out a theoretical journal - "Revolutionary Democracy". We send you our warm felicitations.

Sunil Sen,
Centre for Marxist-Leninism.

From: Rohtak, Haryana.

Please accept our heartfelt congratulations for launching 'Revolutionary Democracy.' When we say this it is not merely a compliment to the efforts of a colleague in the movement but rather an emphasis we would like to add to its importance. India too is not lacking in the plethora of left journals; almost all political formations or groupings have their periodicals. "Tehrik" was also one, associated for long with one such formation but it felt a serious handicap to reach the masses, neither it could help in thrashing out fundamental questions of theory and practise beyond the self-conceited line of the organisation. We are out this rut. To initiate such thorough - going debate on fundamentals as well as debunk many myths of recent social history "Revolutionary Democracy" has a role, which we think it can shoulder. This may help the activists of the communist movement to come out of their groove and the intellectual prison-walls which are erected by almost all the leaders in their respective formations.

Extending Warm Greetings,
Yours fraternally,
Gian Singh,
Editor, "Tehrik".

From: Calcutta, West Bengal.

It is an encouraging and reassuring news that you are going to bring out a theoretical journal by the name of "Revolutionary Democracy" in a situation of ideological crisis and utter confusion in the communist movement. Despite my differences with you on some theoretical questions we remained friends and helped each other for clarification. So, I have no hesitation to declare my solidarity with your effort, as I think it will help to open wide the gate for theoretical clarification, provided principled discussion is welcomed and the journal does not become an organ of a particular sect. I wish the journal a grand success.

Moni Guha,
Editor, 'Proletarian Path'

From: Berhampore, District Murshidabad, West Bengal.

We are happy to learn that you are about to publish the journal "Revolutionary Democracy". The subjects that you have selected for the first issue inspire us to engage in constant struggle.

We believe that while the capitalist class is carrying out the policies of globalisation in the current critical phase in the world situation the possibility now exists of making a reality of the slogan "Workers of All Countries Unite!" There is no doubt that we are proceeding through a complicated situation in which the failure to follow the correct path forward can be disastrous. At each step we have to strive for Marxist-Leninism through practice. The imperialist bourgeoisies have transformed their role afresh and are united only apparently as they have a thousand and one internal conflicts. They do not wish to engage in world war at present as they have the experience of the losses of such a war.

Currently the working class is not in the process of achieving unity. On the contrary repeated division is taking place. Circumstances, however, compel the working class to unite. This complex situation has its roots in the inertia of the working class movement and the consequences of the events in the post-Stalin period. Reactionary forces who had been hidden in the USSR came to the surface and strengthened themselves after Stalin. Even though they came out under the flag of Marxist-Leninism they exposed themselves by criticising Stalin and giving their support to the views of Khrushchev regarding the "errors" and "cruelty" of great Stalin. We have the responsibility to inspire and unite the working class on the basis of the line of Marxist-Leninism . At the same time we have to expose the muzzle of the false Stalinists who are a growing force and are rushing like a swarm of locusts. Stalin came out of the tradition of Marxism-Leninism. We cannot lay claim to that tradition without actualising the ideas of Stalin. We cannot take a step forward towards socialism without Stalin. We have to realise the ideas of Stalin fully today. We must not forget the resistance of the bourgeoisie during the course of the civil war and at the other critical points of the USSR. We must not forget the achievements of the Five-Year Plans or the struggles of all of the peoples of the Soviet Union in the Second World War. These achievements indicate the potentialities released in a socialist country. The Land of the Soviets has been central to the history of the world. The inspiration of those who created this history are Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. Stalin has stood the test of history.

Long life "Revolutionary Democracy!,"

Subha Chattopadhaya,
Editor, "Rourab".

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