To My Papi and His Comrades


This letter is by the pre-adolescent daughter of one of the Cotopaxi 7. They were leaders of a demonstration that took over the Government building in the Province of Cotopaxi, Ecuador. They were demonstrating in support of a rally by police officers on September 30, 2010, who were defending the rights of civil servants against attacks by President Rafael Correa. For this the Cotopaxi 7 were sentenced to between 6 months and one year in prison. An appeal led to the annulment of the charges for 4 of the 7, but the other three, including the father of Jhoselyn, remain under sentence.

George Gruenthal

Every day I learn the true meaning of happiness, by having someone like my Papi at my side...

His actions teach me, all the time, that one can only be happy trying to make sure that everyone is happy. seeking a better world.

Now I understand why some people are persecuting people like my Papa, who are fighting so that we can all be equal.

They are living off the misery of others, they like inequality. They are converting happiness into numbers, love into a commodity and the planet into petroleum and mines. How evil!

There are many people who are following the road of my Papi. This makes me happy. They are good, intelligent people.

They say that no matter how serious are the problems that sometimes the people’s fighters have to confront, they never feel alone. There is a people who respect them, who recognize their great work, their professional and human quality.

I am full of emotion when I see the youth taking to the streets. I have learned that they do this because it is necessary. I see them so firm, so happy.

I owe much to my teachers. We all owe them much. They are making us into good people. They are trying to always make things better. They are studying and explaining to us the road to follow.

I want to be simple. I am proud to be part of the people. I know great men and women who have fought against poverty all their lives. When I see a boy shining shoes, or selling newspapers I think that maybe sometime

they could be great social leaders.

The social leaders do what everyone does, sports for example.

When you have cut down the last tree, contaminated the last river and fished the last fish, you will learn that you cannot eat money.

There are seven comrades of Cotopaxi who now need all our aid, our support. They are fighting for life, and they will continue to do so wherever they are, I am sure of that whenever I see my Papi.

Fortunately, now many people are uniting in the fight for their freedom. That is why I continue to have confidence in the people.

I love you Papi, for teaching me to love liberty, to be brave and to fight for what I believe. To be both tender and strong at the same time.

Your daughter Jhoselyn

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