To the Tunisian workers, to the Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia (PCOT)

The Tunisian people and youth with their rebellion that has already lasted several weeks, have shaken the Ben Ali dictatorship. The flight of the dictator is a first victory of the Tunisian people. The rebellion and victory of the workers and youth constitute an important example, a rich experience for the peoples of the world.

Once again it shows that even regimes based on a repressive police apparatus that are apparently indestructible, cannot resist the force, the firm will of resistance of the people and youth.

The defeat of Ben Ali, his flight with his team, the end of their privileges, the practical destruction of the party in Power (RCD), which for decades ruled the country with an iron fist, the freedom of the political prisoners, the exercise of democratic freedoms, such as the freedom of press, association and expression, are very important achievements. They were unimaginable changes until recent days.

Nevertheless, the Tunisian people can advance still further along this road. They can consolidate this first victory with measures such as: the formation of a democratic provisional government, the organization of free elections for a Constituent Assembly, the drawing up of a new Constitution and the basic laws of the new democratic regime, the adoption of concrete economic measures in favor of the workers, the adoption of concrete financial measures in favor of the unemployed, the trade unionists and political militants, the recognition of all political parties, the demolition of the symbols and institutions of the past regime, etc. The Tunisian people can culminate their struggle with the victory of the democratic revolution.

These are the primary demands that our fraternal party, the Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia, is raising and on the basis of which they are organizing the struggle.

The International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations declares:

Total support to the revolutionary process and the just and legitimate rebellion of the Tunisian people, whose victories we salute,

We congratulate the members and leadership of the PCOT for the decisive role that they played at the head of the popular struggle for freedom, democracy and social justice, and wish them the greatest success.

Long live the rebellion and victory of the Tunisian people!

Long live the international solidarity of the workers and peoples!

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)

Translated from En Marcha, #1521, Feb. 4-10, 2011

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