International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations


The earthquake and tidal wave that struck on March 11 in Japan caused a catastrophe whose extent is still not known, since the authorities of that country lie and hide revealing data. This raises more sharply than before the problem of nuclear energy, of power plants that are being built in many countries of the world. A month after the beginning of that catastrophe, it has still not been controlled and continues to dump into the ocean enormous quantities of radioactive particles, which have ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings and the fishing on all those coasts. It is still unknown how far the contamination that the ocean waters carry can go.

This April marks the 25 anniversary of Chernobyl. An international conference on this was held in Kiev, at which the government of the Ukraine distributed a document whose data need no commentary. According to this the soil around Chernobyl is contaminated with caesium 137, strontium 90 and plutonium 238, 239 and 240. It warned of contamination with americium 241 until the year 2056, due to which ‘between 1,500 and 2,000 square kilometres will never be fit for life […] because there are radioactive isotopes with a period of disintegration of 24,000 years…’

Considering that the radioactive leaks in Japan are or may be much greater than those of Chernobyl, the consequences will also be much greater. All this shows that in spite of what we are regularly told, at the present time one cannot state that nuclear energy is totally controllable, with total safety. This is because the operation of nuclear power plants, financed by the States with public money, is in the hands of financial groups whose main objective corresponds to their essence: to increase their profits more and more, leaving safety in second place, that is, the costs go to the people, the profits to the capitalist, imperialist sharks.

We must insist, once again, that the governments must strive to develop ‘clean’ energy such as water power, solar or wind energy, for example, as a priority over nuclear energy. This is a problem that goes beyond the demands of the ecologists, since it has a political basis of vital importance to the peoples.

We the workers, youths and peoples of the world, demand to make the defence and preservation of the planet a proposal forcefully integrated into the objectives of the struggle for democracy, progress and freedom.

April 2011

Coordination Committee of the ICMLPO

No to the Imperialist Intervention in Libya

Solidarity With the People

The reactionary coalition of imperialist forces that is attacking Libya militarily, under the pretext of defending the civilian population and hiding behind a resolution of the UN Security Council, is carrying out one more aggression against the peoples, now of Libya, yesterday of the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan, who were brutally attacked under the same false pretext. The coalition of France, Great Britain and the U.S., with the active complicity of the reactionary governments of Italy, Spain, Denmark… and the passive complicity of Russia and China, since both countries by NOT exercising their right to veto hypocritically gave approval to the aggression, this reactionary coalition has shown by deeds its true nature. Its objective is not the security of the civilian population, but the oil and the strategic position of Libya and to threaten the rebellion and revolutionary struggles of the Arab peoples.

By approving the aggression against Libya, basing itself on the UN resolution, imperialism is once again making clear that it makes no difference whether the UN resolutions are just or not; what matters are their interests, as is shown by the fact that they have always vetoed the numerous resolutions in favor of the peoples of Palestine and the Sahara.

The rebels who are fighting against the reactionary government of Muamar Qaddafi will soon discover that these are not their ‘protectors,’ but they are cruel looters and exploiters, who will replace Qaddafi, if they manage to overthrow him, by another pawn in the service of imperialism. One must remember that the members of the coalition, and other imperialist and capitalist countries, in the past courted Qaddafi, as they also did with their satrap Ben Ali in Tunisia, and the no less reactionary Hosni Mubarak (a member of the Socialist International!) in Egypt, both of whom were overthrown by popular revolts.

The revolts that are shaking the Maghreb and the Next East (Morocco, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, possibly Algeria)… are endangering the strategic interests of the imperialist powers. This is leading to the sharpening of their own contradictions, as with the aggression against Libya, between French imperialism, headed by the arch-reactionary Sarkozy, and German imperialism with the also reactionary Merkel. The deep shocks in this part of the world, carried out by the peoples against authoritarian or dictatorial regimes, and against the great social injustices, are making the positions of the imperialist powers and their allies tremble.

The International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations energetically condemns the brutal aggression against Libya. We support the just struggle of its people against the reaction of the Qaddafi Government, to win democracy, freedom and their own dignity. We also denounce the double standard that the UN applies, and the deceitfulness and hypocrisy of all countries with supposedly democratic governments, in supporting aggression in some cases and remaining silent in others. We call for showing solidarity with the Libyan people and other peoples in struggle by all means.

March, 2011

Coordination Committee of the ICMLPO

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