Let Us Pay Tribute to Salvador Allende

In September, when there are dates in the history of our country of various kinds, we remember not only the first ruling junta, but the day of the triumph and downfall of the eminent patriot of the left Salvador Allende Gossens. He occupies an outstanding place in the memory of the workers as a great leader and democratic fighter, an anti-imperialist, an honest socialist, the president who incarnated the very deep aspirations for justice and social change among the workers and people of Chile. He paid with his life for being consistent with the government programme presented to the people. He was an undeniable figure in national and international political history, as an outstanding fighter for the sovereignty of the peoples, for national independence and social justice.

At 37 years since the fascist coup of the September 11, 1973, that overthrew Salvador Allende, we must point out that he was an honest Socialist like very few that the world has known. He had paid tribute to one of the greatest revolutionaries of the planet. The same people who misuse the figure of Allende to make their pacts and agreements with the system, hate and despise the revolutionary and communist to whom Allende paid tribute: Joseph Stalin.

The Revolutionary Cell Joseph Stalin presents to the readers these touching words that Allende pronounced in his tribute to the builder of Soviet socialism a short time after his death, in a speech at the Baquedano Theatre in 1953. We leave it to opinion how the best president that Chile ever knew dedicated these words to the best known and beloved man whom, along with Lenin, the free peoples of the USSR and the communists of the world knew:

‘Stalin was an example of creativity, humanism and an edifying example of peace and heroism!


’Everything that he did, he did at the service of the people. Our father Stalin is dead, but when remembering his example, our affection towards him will make our arms grow strong for the building of a great tomorrow, to assure a future in memory of his magnificent example’.

Salvador Allende: ‘Tribute to Stalin,’ Baquedano Theatre, Santiago Chile, 1953.

Although Salvador Allende was not a communist, he honoured one of the best ones, and we of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action), will never deny the revolutionary and consistent defence of the ideas of Stalin, the ideas of the revolution and socialism. Therefore, our tribute will not be only flowers and memories, but the struggle for a worthy, just, democratic and popular Chile, as we will always respect and defend the just defence and honesty that this Chilean gave to his people and the workers.

Revolutionary Cell Joseph Stalin

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