From: Islamabad, Pakistan

Comrade Vijay Singh

Since two years, I have been reading RD and have benefited from its many articles and have increased my consciousness. In this world where the anti-communist bourgeois germ has affected most of the media, seeing publications such as Revolutionary Democracy which steadfastly defend Stalin is a heart-warming and exciting phenomenon. Defending Stalin especially holds an exceptional value because even imperialism is ready to smile at ‘Marxists’ if they are anti-Stalin. I as a student of Marxism-Leninism believe that it is impossible to deny Stalin and at the same time claim to be anti-Imperialist. Once again, I would like to congratulate RD from the depth of my heart for staunchly supporting Stalin, the great builder of Socialism.

Another important point is that RD is being published from India, a country in which if proletarian revolution is victorious, the hopelessness from the collapse of China and USSR will turn into a flame of inspiration and optimism in the hearts of the oppressed people around the world. Though in India where the glorious sounds of bullets of revolutionaries shiver the bones of imperialism and their Indian lackeys, RD and other revolutionary publications play a great role in raising the consciousness of the people; they are promoting those ideas that once grasped by the people, will turn into an immense material force which will dump imperialism and its Indian agents into the dustbin of history.

In solidarity,

Nasreen Shafiq

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