Only With the Organised Peoples Can We Overcome the Effects of the Natural Earthquake and Its Neo-Liberal Accomplice

Living nature, in permanent motion and transformation, has shown itself harshly on the territory of our country, causing destruction, death and sorrow throughout society, particularly among the popular masses. We of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC (AP) show our solidarity with each and every one of those who inhabit the territory of the Republic of Chile. Fraternally and with the same sorrow as the workers and peoples of Chile and in compliance with our communist and revolutionary duty we state:

1. We must put into motion the social organisations, neighbourhood groups, committees of housing and the homeless, trade unions, student and cultural centres, , etc. and from there, create a broad movement of solidarity from people to people. At the same time we demand that the administration of state resources and external aid really focus on those who need it and not become a disgusting new source of corruption and enrichment in the hands of those who always feather their nest in the ‘private sector’ and the public or state sector.

2. We must not allow sorrow to cloud our view and hide the criminal responsibility of the neo-liberal economic system, which with its ‘moral’ components, based solely on ‘profit’, has been laid bare with the collapse of bridges, houses, buildings with new departments, as well as others that were so old that for many years they should not have been standing and in which families of workers live cramped together. The ‘development’ without planning of neighbourhoods and villages in coastal shores is another crime of neo-liberalism. In all this, we cannot ignore the responsibility of those who have ruled until today, as well as of those who soon will rule and are equally promoters of the same economic and social system.

3. We are thankful for the offers of aid from abroad, particularly from countries that have respect for the sovereignty and dignity of peoples, and we reject the interference and outrage that the imperialists carry out under the guise of humanitarian support. It is serious and outrageous that Obama, from his post as spokesperson for the U.S., in his offer of aid, has included that of ‘security.’ Mr. Obama, we do NOT need your ‘marines’. The Chilean Government should answer and strongly reject this proposal; any way from the social and popular organisations, we must not allow such a deed.

4. It is time that the State, the government of M. Bachelet and that of Piñera that will take office on March 11, must not only use the 2% set aside by the constitution for disaster, but once and for all take the funds that are locked up in Yankee banks and immediately use them to overcome the material effects of the earthquake and at the same time create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Nature does its own thing and thus we human beings, who are part of nature, must do ours and that is to create the best conditions to ensure life and its development; so socially we must overcome neo-liberalism and advance to a planned society where the human being is the centre of everything, so that the winter storms, the summer heat and droughts, and earthquakes cease to have the traumatic and sorrowful effects that strike us today, as the ‘curse of destiny.’

Unity, strength and mobilisation to overcome the effects of the earthquake of nature and neo-liberalism.

United in sorrow and the struggle for happiness.

Political Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)
February 28, 2010

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