Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)
March 26, 2009

Progressive Summit or Summit of Political Swindlers?

With our “progressive” president Michelle Bachelet as host, on March 27 and 28 a pompous Seminar – Summit of the so-called or self-declared “progressives” will be held in Viña del Mar. There are expected to be 80 special guests, who are the most outstanding, not exactly for their progressivism, but for administering neo-liberalism, and in some cases, for the direct oppression and military occupation of certain countries and peoples, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Haiti: Joe Biden, Vice-President of the United States; Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister, Jens Staltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway, Lula da Silva, President of Brazil; Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentina; Tabaré Vazquez, President of Uruguay and Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile.

An outstanding role, it says, will be played by the “progressive and socialist” Jose Miguel Insulza, who is in charge of the office for the Americas of Yankee imperialism, known as the O.A.S. [Organization of American States – translator’s note]. As all seminars naturally have a title, this one is called: “A global response: towards a progressive future” and its central theme is: “Building a new equitable and sustainable international order”.

The interesting thing is that it is taking place in the middle of the general crisis of capitalism, where the governments of the participants in the “summit” have taken a series of measures that aim to save, to make business viable for the large banks and monopolies. With great publicity they have given an interested gift to “the poorest of the poor”, as is the case with the one-time gift of $40,000 by the Chilean government.

Bankruptcies of industries and businesses of various sizes, accelerated concentration of property in ever fewer hands, layoffs and losses of hundreds of thousands, even millions, of jobs on a worldwide level; these are the result of living under the “progressive administrations” that are meeting today to talk about “an equitable and sustainable international order.” Meanwhile, within their countries repressive measures are being reinforced, assuring higher pay and better material conditions for the police; they give small concessions resulting from the popular mobilization as a form of confronting and “saving” the crisis, the crisis of the capitalist system, to save capitalism.

Without much political and ideological aversion, that in our case, as revolutionaries and leftists, we have and in great quantities, every sane person should at least question the true objectives and aims of the “progressive summit”, based on the history of its participants and the interests that they represent, and even on the great economic cost that its accomplishment will mean for the Chilean State.

Where is the progressivism? In our case in the LGE [General Education Law – translator’s note], in the repression with tortures and death of the Mapuche fighters, in the repression of the movements of workers, shop owners, fisherfolk, etc. And with you Ms. Kirchner, it is in the highway blockades of the workers and farmers against your anti-popular policy of starvation, or in the repression to the movements of the landless peasants, of neighborhood residents, of students and workers in Lula’s Brazil. IN WHAT WAY ARE YOU PROGRESSIVE?

The “Progressive Summit”, the summit of political swindlers, of oppressors, of imperialists and their flunkeys, must be unmasked. It is our obligation to tear away the mantle of “progressivism” in which the swindlers are cloaked, because they are using it to pursue their reactionary policies, the defense of the bourgeois order, of exploitation and the dictatorship of the monopolies, at the same time as they make difficult, they divert the popular and revolutionary struggle. This has nothing to do with progressivism or with the left! They are of the right, and we must all see this, because only in this way will we be able to fight them successfully.

It is clear that the PROGRESSIVISM is not in the summit in Viña, it is in the Popular Democratic and Socialist struggle, it is in the workers and the peoples.

Eduardo Artes
Candidate for the Presidency
Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

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