100th Birth Anniversary of Enver Hoxha

16th September 2008

Dear comrade Vijay Singh

I have the pleasure to communicate with you dear comrade, so far away geographically but so close in our revolutionary ideas that join us together.

I receive regularly your magazine ‘Revolutionary Democracy’. Thank you very much. I do not understand English but my children read for me all the articles I am interested in. I congratulate you for your high level and the variety of writings. I express you my thanks especially for your predisposition to include in your magazine the works of my friend of life and war Enver Hoxha.

I want to make you know by this email that in October 16, 2008 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Enver Hoxha. This date has a very significant importance for me and for my family, also for all the friends of Enver Hoxha and for those Albanian people who still continue to love him, here and all around the world.

For this reason, we want to commemorate this event by some ceremonies on 14, 15, 16 October. On these dates our house will be open to receive all the friends of Enver Hoxha, from all Albanian regions, Kosovo and other places. And on the 16th, we have also organised a ceremony at the grave of Enver Hoxha.

We will be very honoured if you decide to be part of the foreign friends invited for this event to participate in the family’s ceremonies besides the ceremonies which will be organised by comrade Laver in Gjirokaster.

Waiting at Tirana for our pleasant meeting

Best regards,

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