Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. XIII, No. 1, April 2007

Protests against Land Acquisition and State Violence in Singur

Under the Banner of Lenin

A Victim of the Violence in Nandigram, West Bengal

Resistance to Neo-Liberalism in Singur and Nandigram, N. Bhattacharyya

Naked Expression of Political Vendetta in Singur, Debabrata Bandyopadhyay

Joint NAPM-NTUI Call on Singur

The General Strike of December 14th 2006: an Assertion of Working Class Power, NTUI

Repression and the Trade Union Movement in Jammu and Kashmir, Sampat Prakash

Petition to the President of India, Committee for Inquiry on December 13

Revisiting the Kashmir Issue, Nirmalangshu Mukherji

Women in India a Status Report, Jaya Mehta

CPI(M) in the Deep Embrace of Gorbachevism, V.B. Cherian

An Interview of Tufail Abbas of the Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaaz 2

The Lie about Stalin: 22nd June 1941, V.M. Zhukhrai

Thoughts about the Class Roots of Counter-Revolution in the Territory of the Soviet Union, Alexei Danko

On the Article of Alexei Danko, George Gruenthal

Three Letters of Mehmet Shehu: Reflections of his Character, Nexhmije Hoxha

Record of the Discussions of Comrades G.M. Malenkov and M.A. Suslov with the Representatives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India Comrades Rao, Dange, Ghosh and Punnaiah, 21st February 1951

Rudimentary Forms of Products Exchange, N. Smolin

Foreign Forces Should Quit Somalia,
Jagdish P. Sharma

Spain: Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) is Founded

Ecuador: Reflections on the Constituent Assembly, En Marcha

Mexico: What is at Stake in Oaxaca: Revolution or Counter-Revolution, CP of Mexico (M-L)

Message to APPO, ICMLPO

Resolution on the Situation in the Middle East, ICMLPO

Voices of Protest in Urdu Poetry II, translated by fowpe sharma

Views expressed in signed articles are those of the authors and not necessarily of the Editorial Board.

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