Repudiate the Israeli Aggression Against the Peoples of Palestine and Lebanon

We, the organisations participating in the Tenth International Seminar ‘Problems of the Revolution on Latin America’ held in Quito, Ecuador, together with world public opinion, the workers and peoples of the world, denounce and condemn the brutal aggressions that the Israeli Zionists are perpetrating against the peoples of Lebanon and Palestine and the cowardly and criminal attack on Lebanon.

The bombardments of the civilian population, schools, hospitals, the destruction of roads; the abduction of political leaders, parliamentary representatives and officials of the legitimately constituted government of Palestine; the persecutions and attacks show the reactionary ferocity of the Israeli leadership, which is consistently serving the plans of U.S. imperialism in the region.

Despite these brutal measures, the struggle of the Palestinian people has not ceased; they are confronting from a disadvantage the atrocities, abuses and violations by the reactionary circles. This fight demands the immediate withdrawal of the invading troops from Gaza as well as from Lebanon; the end to the occupation of the territories that have been abusively and illegally occupied, the freedom of political prisoners, for the Palestinian families to be able to freely return to their homes and to demand from the aggressors reparations for the damage caused; for the Palestinian people to have their own sovereign and independent state; the unrestricted respect for their right to self-determination.

This heroic struggle deserves the solidarity, support and sympathy of the workers and peoples of the world and the indignant and energetic condemnation of aggressor Zionism and imperialism.

Tenth International Seminar: ‘Problems of the Revolution in Latin America.’

‘A Verdade’ August 2006.

Translated from the Portuguese by George Gruenthal

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