Let Us Rise Up Against the Barbaric Imperialist Threats Against the Iranian People!


There is a huge and world-wide wave of solidarity and sympathy with the Iranian people to oppose the US threats now. Opposite alignments are forming in Iran, in the Middle East region, and in the world. These alignments will play decisive roles in further developments in the region. The imperialist gangsters and their domestic lackeys in Iran who are fed by the CIA and the MOSSAD constitute one of the poles of the realignment. The heroic people of various nationalities of Iran, who have accumulated the experience of two revolutions and of eight years of war, and who are inspired by the historical anti-colonialist struggles of the people of the world, are standing at the other pole. While some lackeys of imperialism are trying to sabotage the anti-imperialist movement by arguing erroneously that ‘the US-Iran problems are quarrels between the Islamic regime of Iran and the US,’ and ‘do not get involved in the dispute,’ millions upon millions are throwing themselves into the peace movement. This movement will expose and uproot the pro-imperialist and pro-Zionist forces in Iran. In every movement, you will find Ahmad Chalabis and Hamed Karzais who try to protect the interests of the imperialists. No Iranian democrat or freedom-loving patriot can endorse the destruction of Iran or the massacre of its people. No progressive Iranian can give a ‘revolutionary’ call to invite people to stay home in the face of the US threats. Any force with these characteristics plays the role of the fifth column of imperialism and Zionism.

The imperialist-Zionist policy in the psychological war is to promote the false idea that the conflict between Iran and the USA is the conflict between the US and ‘political Islam’ and that this conflict has no relation with the people. This policy promotes the line that no one should defend the territorial integrity of Iran. The promoters of this policy say that the existence of a corrupt, murderous, and despotic regime in Iran suffices for their collaboration with imperialism and Zionism and for selling out the national interest of the Iranian people. Under a difficult condition in Iran, the leaders of the Islamic regime will abandon the country, leave the people unprotected, and escape to the same countries that want to invade Iran. By mobilisation of the masses and direct participation in the anti-imperialist and anti-war movement we must not allow the dark scenario that the enemies of the Iranian people have cooked up to play. Trotskyites, national chauvinists, and the hate-monger tribalists have joined the imperialist forces in the campaign against the Iranian people. Our Party will expose the faces of these traitors as it exposed the supporters of the invasion of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Those who have not, even today, evaluated as the betrayal of the Iranian people the seeking of financial aid from the US imperialists and Israeli Zionists, those organisations that do not demand the unconditional exodus of the occupying forces from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, those forces that are counting the days for the return of the Pahlavi monarchy to Iran, and those who get financial support from the reactionary forces of the Middle East region and of the world and who are for dividing Iran into pieces are all aligned at the reactionary pole.

Our comrades who participated in the traditional Peace March in Germany, Ostermarch, report that the protest against the US threats against Iran constituted a significant portion of the March activities. The people have risen against the imperialist-Zionist threats that want to violate Iran’s undeniable rights to developing nuclear technology. At the same time, the presence of the Iranian pro-imperialist and pro-Zionist agents in the Ostermarch was evident. These provocateurs argued that since the Iranian president Ahmadinezhad has denied the Holocaust, Iran has no right to develop technology for uranium enrichment. The fact is that the imperialists wanted to violate Iran’s right of developing nuclear technology even when Khatami, who talked about the ‘dialogue of civilisations’, was president. These provocateurs are concerned about what Ahmadinezhad says but have no concerns about the US, or Israel, or French President Chirac’s threat of using nuclear bombs on Iran!

The Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran has officially declared its support for the US invasion of Iran. This sell-out organisation wants to open a new front in the service of Zionism and imperialism in Iran. The Arab spying organisations in Khuzistan province of Iran have come to the US assistance and are preparing the ground for the US invasion by planting bombs in public locations. The Iranian monarchists, the Organisation of People’s Mojahedin, the Worker-Communist Party of Iran, and the followers of deceased Hekmat did not condemn or evaluate as a treacherous act the seeking of financial aid from the US or Israel despite the call from several progressive organisations to do so. These organisations do not participate in the anti-war or peace demonstrations. The former SAVAK agents and the SAVAK-made ‘National Front’ organisations that support the 1953 CIA-coup in Iran come to the peace demonstrations in order to identify the progressive Iranians and to convince them not to participate in the anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist movements. These agents argued that Iranians must leave the peace movement alone and organise their own demonstrations. The intentions of the SAVAK agents are clear but they cannot publicly raise them due to fear of further exposure. Their attempts are to strengthen the pro-US positions by forming a united front with several forces such as Mojahedin, the Worker-Communist Party of Iran, Azerbaijani national chauvinists, and the Shah-loving constitutionalists. However, the powerful peace movement will crush these cowards who put themselves in the service of imperialism.

Our organisation, using the experience of the past peace movements, recommends the following guidelines to the activists and to the progressive and patriotic and freedom loving individuals:

* Participate vastly in the anti-war movement where the central slogan is the condemnation of the aggression by the US and other imperialist countries against Iran.

* Call on Iranians to participate in the peace and anti-war movement and to strengthen this world-wide united front. Our comrades should issue and distribute leaflets in Farsi, English, German, and other necessary languages in the demonstrations organised by the front. We must continuously keep contact with the chapters of the front in as many countries as possible. Large numbers of progressive activists of different lands have joined the front. We must encourage all strata of society to support the front.

* Expose the dubious organisations such as the Worker-Communist Party, and Mojahedin that try to sabotage the anti-war movement and, by using the policy of ‘neither the Islamic Republic nor the anti-war movement is good, no to both of them’, add water to the imperialists’ and Zionists’ mills. These two organisations are the fifth column of the US in Iran.

* Our participation in the movement and our cooperation with the revolutionary, democratic, progressive, communist, humanitarian, and freedom-loving forces has already strengthened our political stands in these forces, has boosted their relations with the progressive Iranians, has underlined their legitimacy and rightness of joining the front, and has seized the initiatives from the fanatic Islamists who will show up in the case of the US invasion of Iran. We must declare our presence in the movement to the public. The presence of the Iranian expatriates and those who are persecuted by the Islamic Republic must be visible to the participants in the anti-war demonstrations.

* The statements by our Party, independent from the joint statements that will be issued and distributed in the demonstrations, must condemn the aggression against our country Iran, expose the US and Israel as aggressors, support Iran’s undeniable right of non-military use of nuclear energy, respond to the accusations of the ‘democratic’ media of the West, expose French President Chirac nuclear bomb’s threats against Iran, expose the Israeli Zionists’ repeated threats to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, expose the nature of the imperialists’ support for human rights and democracy, expose the imperialists’ demagogy and their sly use of two criteria in the world.

* We must demand the elimination of the world’s weapons of mass destruction. The Non Proliferation Treaty must be observed by all those who signed it including the USA, Russia, France, etc. We must demand Israel to inform the public about its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and to open its nuclear facilities to the IAEA’s inspections.

We must demand the USA to stop its support for the nuclear activities of India, a country that has not signed the Non Proliferation Treaty.

* We must expose the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran that has been violating the human and democratic rights of the people, that has suppressed the demands of the workers and labourers, that does not allow the formation of independent labour organisations, that has brutally suppressed the women’s movement, and that has established a despotic and medieval rule in Iran. We must explain the necessity of overthrowing the Islamic regime in Iran. We must explain that the regime in Iran should be toppled by the movement of the Iranian masses and not by the foreign imperialist aggressive forces. The slogan ‘We believe that the overthrow of the regime of the Islamic Republic is the task of mainly the Iranian people,’ must be among our explanatory and agitative slogans. However, our anti-imperialist slogans must be in forefront of our propaganda. It must become clear that the overthrow of the regime of the Islamic Republic in the midst of the struggle against foreign aggression is possible and is a real demand.

* We must make it clear that the imperialist-Zionist aggression against Iran strengthens the regime of the Islamic Republic.

* We must make it clear that the ‘fight against terrorism’ of the imperialists is nothing but a big lie because the imperialists strengthen terrorism through their own terrorist actions and suppress the progressive movements after labeling them terrorist.

The interests of the Iranian people demand that all the anti-imperialist and progressive organisations of Iran keep in close contact with each other while they work in the international peace movement. They should coordinate their anti-imperialist activities and make their anti-war arguments stronger. The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) is ready for this task.

From: Toufan International
International Bulletin of the Party of Labour of Iran
No. 25 June 2006

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