Joint Statement of the CC of the Communist Party of China and the CC of the Party of Labour of Albania on the 85th Birth Anniversary of J.V. Stalin 21st December, 1964

21st December, 1964

We publish here the joint statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Albania which was circulated on the occasion of the 85th birth anniversary of J.V. Stalin on 21st December, 1964. While it is a document which bears a great significance from the period of the polemics directed against Soviet revisionism it is little known in the international communist movement. Of special interest are the authors’ negative comments on Beria and the suggestion that J.V. Stalin was ‘eliminated’. We must be grateful to the All-Union Communist Party (Bolshevik) for bringing this document to light.

Stalin's Birthday is a revolutionary celebration of all true communists and patriots. The Khrushchevite group having struck a deal with imperialism and its puppets - Tito's clique, decided to discredit Comrade Stalin, using forged documents prepared a long time ago by the intelligence services of imperialism, and sent in their own time to their agent – Beria. Having decided to split the CPSU, undermine it from within, split the world communist movement, and having decided to participate in the gradual capitalist degeneration of the economy and social-political system of the USSR, the Khrushchevites announced at the XX Congress their anti-Stalin forged documents in the form of a report ‘On overcoming the consequences of Stalin's cult of personality’. This report up to now has not been published in the USSR or in the Kremlin's satellite countries. However, the text of this report was timely, up to the announcement at the congress, handed over by Khrushchev's right-hand men in the West, to Tito's clique...

The Khrushchevites have removed many important documents from the archives, which show evidence of their participation in the terrorist activity of hidden and obvious enemies of the people. The Khrushchevites were the main inspirers and organisers of general arrests and informing, but they are the first to lump the blame for these crimes onto their ‘companion’ – Beria, and after that, on to Comrade Stalin, who was eliminated by them out of fear that Stalin would arrest and destroy them - these mean double-dealers and traitors...

The communists of China and Albania and all true communists of the world brand the Khrushchevite clique, who are committing outrages on Stalin's name and cause, and over his body, by cunningly, out of view of the people, removing it from the Lenin-Stalin Mausoleum, as a disgrace. The criminal acts of Khrushchev and his right-hand men will have long-term consequences, for they will lead to the degeneration, and after that, to the destruction of the USSR and the CPSU...

Either the Soviet Union under the leadership of the Khrushchevites will be transformed into a bureaucratic social-imperialist state, and the CPSU will become a nomenclature superstructure of such a state, or the revisionist provocation policy of the Khrushchevites will lead to the demise of the CPSU and the USSR, towards the transformation of its republics into colonies and protectorates of Western imperialism. Comrade Stalin repeatedly warned of a danger to the country and party emanating from hidden internal enemies acting in accordance to the task set by imperialist intelligence services. Today, this has become a reality.

‘The palace coups’ inside the Kremlin being organised by revisionists from the present CC of the CPSU, signify the aggravation of a power struggle in the party and state. ‘Without Khrushchev, but along Khrushchev's road’ – such is today's slogan of the revisionists and traitors, purposely slandering the name, cause and testaments of Comrade Stalin..

The revival of the true socialist Soviet Union, and the prevention of the Motherland of Lenin-Stalin collapsing or being transformed into a social-imperialist power, is possible only by way of a proletarian socialist revolution, led by a true communist party - the party of Stalinists.

Mao Zedong
Enver Hoxha

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