On the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Pakistan Mazdur Mahaz.

The Russia-Ukraine war has been going on for more than 82 days but Russia has failed to occupy Ukraine.

The war started when Ukraine announced its accession to NATO. Russian President Putin said he would never allow NATO forces to enter his backyard. The United States and other NATO members also wanted Ukraine to join NATO.

If you look, the attitude of both the United States and Russia seems to be an imperialist attitude. They do not care about the opinion of their people other than the fulfilment of their imperialist goals, nor are they afraid of destroying world peace. This attitude of both the imperialist warlords gave birth to this war.

At first, it seemed that the United States, through the NATO forces, would stop the Russian invasion. That did not happen. The US and their allies are giving dollars, and sophisticated weapons to Ukraine. Irrespective of emotions, they became obsessed with war. Russia and the United States both waged this war to advance their imperialist goals. As a result, millions of Ukrainians had to seek refuge in other countries, their homes and property were destroyed, and thousands were injured. Destruction is rampant. Neither the United States nor Russia wants an end to this war. The people of Ukraine want an end to this imperialist war. They want peace.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing a great loss of life to the people of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine are in dire straits at the moment. It is imperative that the Russian forces that took the initiative in invading Ukraine withdraw their forces from Ukraine and that the United States and its allies declare that they will not join Ukraine in order to protect the Ukrainian people. Difficulties can be eliminated.

If the people of Ukraine resist Russian forces, they will do so in defence of their homeland, and this has happened many times in many countries.

We must also stand with the people of Ukraine against this Russian-American imperialist war and oppose these two imperialist powers and their allies.

Pakistan Mazdur Mahaz.

23rd May 2022.

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