Russia Needs ‘Denazification”
As Does Ukraine

Alexander Batov

I would like to address a few words to the guys on the front line.

On a human level we understand those who go into battle, guided by the need to fight the Ukrainian Nazis, who believe in the “denazification” announced by Putin.

But Nazism cannot be eradicated until its cause is destroyed, and its cause lies in the competition between hucksters, the market, the capitalism. And this is something Russia is not going to do.

Moreover, there are enough Nazis in Russia itself. In Russia, there is already an analogue of the “Right Sector”, there are monuments to Hitler’s accomplices, there are already museums of Vlasov, Solzhenitsyn and other scum. Many initiatives are supported at the highest level. For example, in 2016, a memorial plaque was opened in St. Petersburg to Mannerheim (Hitler’s ally and one of the active participants in the blockade of Leningrad). It was opened by Vladimir Medinsky, at that time the Minister of Culture of Russia, and now he is the head of the delegation at the negotiations with Ukraine.

Since 2007, in the village of Yelanskaya (Rostov region) there has been a four-meter tall monument to General Pyotr Krasnov, who, as we know, voluntarily transferred to the service of the Nazis during the Second World War (and was executed after a trial for being a Nazi collaborator, in 1947). In 2017, school number 4 in Stavropol was named after the writer Ilya Surguchev. During the Second World War, while living in Europe, he actively wrote to the Berlin newspaper Novoe Slovo and the French Paris Gazette, published by the Nazis. It’s clear what it means. “He had a fierce hatred, at the level of pathology and some kind of atrocity towards the communists, the Bolsheviks and the Soviet government,” noted Professor Evgeny Ponomarev.

And there are many such examples.

Russia itself needs “denazification”, but the authorities and the oligarchs are not at all interested in this.

Therefore, in the end, if Banderaism is overthrown with the bayonets of Russian soldiers, then it will be replaced by Vlasovism. Ukrainian Nazism will give way not to the friendship of peoples, but to the so-called “Russian World”, to which Ukrainians will be dragged by force. This will pave the way for a new war in the future.

Note: The text above is part of an interview by Alexander Batov of Rot Front at a talk entitled “Special Operation in Ukraine. Who is to blame and what to do?”

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