Maurice's Militant Journey

(Born: 1942 – Died February 5th 2022)

Maurice, who left us on February 5, had joined our ranks in the 1970s, years of intense ideological struggle that opposed the Maoist current that would overwhelm the PCMLF, a supporter of the theory of the three worlds, to the Marxist-Leninists who opposed this betrayal.

A history teacher at the high school of Abidjan in Ivory Coast for 7 years (from 1965 to 1973) as part of the cooperation, he moved to Strasbourg after being "thanked" by the regime of Houphouet-Boigny. The Ivorian minister of education at the time did not appreciate his links with Ivorian activists opposed to his regime.

It was in Ivory Coast that Maurice met Bernadette1, and it was Bernadette who encouraged him to come and settle in Strasbourg to work with the Marxist-Leninists she had known and joined as early as 1973. Maurice joined the Strasbourg organisation of the PCMLF in 1974. He was therefore part of the core of Marxist-Leninist communists who led the struggle against the degeneration of the PCMLF and participated, after the break with the latter, in the Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of France (ORPCF), then in the creation of the Communist Party of the Workers of France. He was a member from its creation on March 18, 1979, and co-opted to its Central Committee in July 1980.

Finding a teaching position in the Bas-Rhin, it is in this context that he brought into the party a young high school student who would form the first circle of young communists. In 1980, the party entrusted him with the task of creating and developing the Union of Popular Resistance against fascism, reaction and war. Under his leadership, she led several important political campaigns, including the one against the rehabilitation of OAS generals decreed by Mitterrand in 1982.

After Bernadette's death, he moved to the Paris region where, while pursuing his teaching profession, he became head of the editorial board of our central body, La Forge. He represented us at several meetings of Marxist-Leninist parties at the international level. He headed the first cell that organized maintenance workers at RATP [public transport in Paris].

From 1993, various events distanced him for a time from being a militant commitment. The comrade then returned to his region of origin and settled there permanently. He kept a link with the party through his newspaper La Forge.

He regained his full place in the party on the occasion of its 30th birthday in March 2009. Elected again to the CC at the 7th Congress in January 2011, he became a regular contributor to the editorial board of La Forge, in particular on all questions concerning the actions of French imperialism in Africa. From then on, he never ceased to make the party, its newspaper, its line and its proposals known. He was fully engaged in the workers' and popular struggles in Avignon, in the department and even beyond, with the aim of building a party organization there.

La Forge, March 2022


1. Bernadette, founding member of the party, died in November 1983.

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