Ukraine: No to the reactionary imperialist war

Russia's leaders decided to launch an attack on the cities in Ukraine. We denounce this decision and this escalation. We stand with the forces, the peoples who are struggling to stop this spiral, and we refuse to join our voices to the "warmongers".

The general context of the current events in Ukraine is the confrontation between the US and its NATO allies on the one hand and Russia, supported by China, on the other.

Russia wanted to put a stop to the expansion of NATO, whose objective is to integrate Ukraine into this imperialist military alliance, and to strengthen NATO on its borders.

The US has escalated the tension to get its European allies to line up behind them in this confrontation.

For weeks, intense propaganda has been carried out to prepare people’s minds for the possibility of war in the center of Europe.

Tensions have focused on the regions of Ukraine populated mainly by Russian populations: the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. Putin announced the recognition of the independence of the two republics with which he has continued to strengthen ties. He announced that the Russian army would deploy to these republics to protect them from any intervention by the armed forces of Ukraine, the very active anti-Russian paramilitary groups, and to deter the US and NATO from intervening.

The leaders of the US and those of NATO member states, which have increased their military presence in Romania, Poland and the Baltic countries, are announcing economic and political sanctions against Russia, but say they do not want to intervene militarily against Russian forces.

We are entering a new phase of confrontations between imperialist powers in Europe, but affecting all regions of the world.

We reaffirm our opposition to the policy of confrontation driven by the US and followed by the leaders of NATO member states, in particular that of French imperialism.

We continue to demand France's withdrawal from NATO and the dissolution of this aggressive military alliance.

We refuse to put ourselves behind the imperialist powers, including Russia and a fortiori behind French imperialism, US imperialism, etc.

We denounce Russia's military escalation in Ukraine.

We work to mobilize workers and peoples against the imperialist policy of war, in solidarity with all peoples and organizations, movements, parties, who are fighting for these goals.

Paris, February 25, 2022
Communist Workers' Party of France

Our party signed an international declaration against the policy of war in Europe:


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