An imperialist and reactionary war across the board
Let us mobilize to refuse any involvement!

At dawn on February 24, the armed forces of Russian imperialism launched a large-scale attack in Ukraine, hitting military targets in several locations. The troops under Putin's orders aim to overthrow Zelensky's ultra-reactionary and pro-US government, to pave the way for a pro-Russian government.

The conflict turned into open warfare after decades of growing tensions, maneuvers and provocations between the US/NATO and Russia, each of which proclaimed to be acting "in defense" and to make the world "safer".

The significance and character of this war were well defined by the communiqué of the European meeting of the ICMLPO:: an imperialist war, determined by the interests of the great powers.

The main cause of the ongoing war is the war-mongering, aggressive and expansionist policy of eastward expansion of NATO and the EU, of the military encirclement of Russia to restrict its sphere of influence, seize natural resources, markets, energy transport routes, to weaken and threaten it, preventing its expansion as a Eurasian imperialist power.

This corresponds to the strategy of US imperialism, aimed at maintaining world hegemony challenged by the rise of Chinese social imperialism, an ally of Russia.

The Russian intervention in Ukraine, which we condemn in principle for its character and the heavy repercussions on the civilian population, is the result of the growing inter-imperialist contradictions that have worsened following the economic and health crisis, the political situation in the various countries. .

As the appetite grew to plunder Ukraine's rich resources and use it as a stepping stone against Russia, Putin, pushed into a corner by Biden's uncompromising bellicose policy, took the path of aggression against Ukraine, whose corrupt rulers were armed, encouraged to join NATO and fight. But a quick military solution, not at all obvious, can turn into a Pyrrhic victory.

Putin's rhetoric on the recognition of the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, on the denazification of Ukraine (while Russia is teeming with fascists like Dugin and Ilyn, exalted by Putin himself), as well as the shameful slander against Lenin, Stalin and the Bolshevik party, which have always defended the right of nations to self-determination, serve to ideologically cover up a military operation in support of the interests of Russian monopoly capital, to strengthen great Russian chauvinism in the rear and imperialist expansionism abroad, to consolidate the power of a capitalist mafia oligarchy of which the neo-tsarist Putin is the highest representative.

For their part, the jackals in government in the imperialist countries who cry out in defense of the "territorial integrity of Ukraine", and are waving the flag of "democracy and peace" are the same ones that tore apart Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, stirred up proxy wars, etc., and that now find the bait to make people forget their crimes and consolidate the NATO blockade.

The war in progress is not a just war, one of emancipation of the workers or of liberation of the peoples. It is a reactionary, barbaric war of imperialist states, of financial groups, of energy and arms monopolies, of capitalists who got too rich during the pandemic.

In Ukraine no one is fighting for the interests of the working class, but for those of rival imperialist powers, declared enemies of the proletarians of all countries. Those who benefit from this conflict are the ruling classes, the reactionaries and the warmongers, not the workers and the peoples.

The proletariat cannot support or take sides with any of the warring parties, much less with "its" bourgeoisie. Instead, it is fighting against the war and imperialist occupations, against the bourgeoisie of "its" country and of "foreign" ones, it solidarizes with all the workers and oppressed peoples, victims of aggression.

However, war does not offer a way out of the capitalist contradictions, but aggravates international relations even more. Its consequences will be significant and long-lasting. On the economic level, the increase in energy prices will cause stagnation and will fall on the shoulders of the popular masses. On the political level, together with the breakdown of the peace treaty system, aggressive nationalism will be strengthened. On a military level, if a NATO country were to respond to Russian military action, a larger conflict would be upon us.

The new division of the world by force, the redrawing of the spheres of influence with iron and fire, also involves imperialist Italy. The bourgeoisie has for decades transformed our country into a geo-strategic platform for the deployment of US and NATO military forces; it has indulged the warmongering designs of the Pentagon and the EU in its own interests.

The Draghi government is actively participating in NATO's plans to encircle Russia in the Balkans, in the Baltic, in the Black Sea. It is sending troops, planes, ships, lethal weapons to the conflict area. The attack bases of the US and NATO in Italy are operational in the ongoing war. This means that our country can become the target of possible retaliation. This is while the increase in gas and fuel prices, the growing military spending and the repercussions of sanctions, lead to the loss of the purchasing power of wages, layoffs, rampant poverty, cutting of remaining services and social rights.

The workers, the working people, the unemployed must not let themselves be ensnared by the war propaganda spread by the media that obscures any news about the reality that the masses are experiencing, by the bombastic and hypocritical speeches on "national interests and territorial integrity", on "international obligations", but they must react and raise their voice against imperialist policies, for peace, for a different and better future.

It is necessary to develop the struggle and unity for the improvement of working and living conditions, for jobs, wage increases and the development of social and health services, the defense of workers' rights, linking these closely to the fight against the involvement of our country in the US-NATO-EU war plans, for the withdrawal from the Atlantic Alliance and any other warlike alliance, against rearmament and military expenses, for the immediate withdrawal of the troops sent abroad, the immediate cessation of war and imperialist interventions.

It is necessary to continue to revive the protest actions and street demonstrations, establishing a clear platform against imperialist war, just as it is necessary to carry out assemblies and strikes in the workplace, breaking the social peace desired by the reformist, opportunist and reactionary leaders who support the Draghi government and the war policy.

Capital is an international force; to defeat it it is necessary to fight all chauvinism, all bourgeois patriotism and to defend class unity, the equality of workers of all nationalities against the exploiters, proletarian internationalism.

Imperialism is war, but war matures the conditions for the revolutionary battles of the proletariat. We fight for peace among the peoples, for a world based on fraternity and cooperation, on true equality and democracy, without exploitation of one human being by another and of nature; we are fighting for a new and higher society which we call by its name: socialism, the first stage of communism. The need for an independent and revolutionary party of the proletariat is ever more pressing.

February 26, 2022

Communist Platform – for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy

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