Let’s Denounce the Imperialist War Policies, Let’s Mobilize for Peace and Work!

Communist Platform, Italy

Cold winds of war blow across the Ukrainian plains. Long prepared by years of war politics, NATO expansion to the east, sanctions and provocations, coups d’état and local conflicts, rearmament rush and troop deployment on the ground, aggressive nationalism and the training of fascist militias, another conflagration advances to great steps in Europe.

War is the continuation of politics by violent means: for the US this policy is called maintaining Yankee dominance in Europe and world hegemony. For Russia, the essence of the pressure on Ukraine concerns the “security guarantees” it wants to obtain, that is, the removal of NATO and its missiles from its borders.

The US imperialist superpower is sending troops and weapons to Ukraine, forcing its membership of NATO (so far, 14 former Eastern countries have been incorporated into the Pentagon-led military alliance). Imperialist Russia reiterates that it has no intention of attacking Ukraine, however, it is clear that it is increasing its military presence in the area and in the Baltic.

The US is taking advantage of this and, while affirming that “Russia will invade Ukraine”, is pushing the Ukrainian government into military action, thus covering up Kiev’s failure to respect the Minsk agreements.

Developments show that the United States is escalating war tension for the following purposes:

* fully conquer the regions and countries that were previously under Russian influence and include them in NATO;

* encircle Russia militarily, weaken it economically to prevent it from participating as a powerful actor in the imperialist struggle for the division of the world;

* to inflict a blow on the trade and energy relations of European countries, primarily Germany, with Russia, including through sanctions to be taken in the event of a conflict;

* reaffirm the leadership of the United States by strengthening discipline within NATO, putting in line the countries that have winked at Russia (Turkey, Hungary ...);

* to confront European countries with a fait accompli and push them against Russia, so as to allow the US to concentrate its forces in Asia-Pacific against social-imperialist China;

* create the conditions for the US monopolies of the military-industrial complex to supply more weapons to European countries (F-35 etc.).

The US says it wants to work in unison with the EU, but it is clear that there are differences. The bourgeoisie of some European countries does not want to be sacrificed in a US-Russia confrontation. It is equally clear that several European NATO countries, starting with Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland and the Baltic countries, support the Biden- Blinken plan and are in favour of an escalation of tension.

As the dangers of war grow and tensions rise, alignment with US policy will become more evident and will also affect our country, whose bourgeoisie is traditionally subordinate to Washington. The pressures and interference are rapidly increasing. Misinformation, speculation and growing war propaganda are a clear sign of this.

Italy is a key country for maintaining US hegemony in Europe. There are hundreds of bases available to US and NATO forces in her territory. In recent years, it has intensified its involvement in war preparations. It has numerous air, naval and land vehicles allocated in Eastern Europe which will be involved in the event of a conflict, with disastrous consequences for the workers and the popular masses.

Let us remember that imperialist rivalries and ambitions have already led to a long series of wars around the world which have cost millions of victims in recent years. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria are tragic examples.

Threatening the security of the Italian people are the vassal governments and ministers of the US and the EU, jointly responsible for the ongoing escalation.

We denounce and condemn Italian imperialism and military alliances, primarily NATO and the EU. Let us refuse to support the policy of war in any way, to support “our” imperialism, to follow one imperialist power against another. We develop protest in the workplace, in mass associations, in the squares, in the territories.

Let’s say stop to war preparations in Ukraine. Enough with arms sales and political and financial support for the Ukrainian regime. Withdrawal of troops sent abroad. Drastic reduction of military expenses in favour of those for health, school and public transport, for stable and safe work, to increase wages reduced by the high cost of living. Via the US bases, outside Italy from NATO! We demand the exit of our country from this organization of war and terror (as is also emerging from the investigations into the fascist massacres) and from every other warlike alliance.

For peace, friendship and collaboration between peoples, for proletarian internationalism!

Communist Platform – for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of ltaly

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