Intensify the fight against the policy of war!

European Meeting of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

Unity of the workers and the people for social progress, for democratic rights, for respect for popular sovereignty and for peace!

The winds of war are again blowing in Europe. War propaganda is intensifying. In and around Ukraine, the largest concentration of armed forces since World War II is continuing to rise. The situation of acute tension could turn into an outbreak of war that would spread in other countries.

This current conflict is an inter-imperialist one; this is its fundamental character and puts its signature and imprint on all the events that occur daily.

At the origin of the current conflict, they stoke the inter-imperialist contradictions between the US and Russia together with China; such as the intensification of the struggle for markets and spheres of economic and political influence, for the plundering of natural resources, the control of energy resources, especially gas, and the export of capital, for a new division of the world. It is a struggle that was amplified in the midst of the economic crisis and pandemic that has created more division and serious instability in international relations.

The existing conflict did not arise suddenly. It has been prepared for decades of the policy of war, the expansion of NATO and the EU to the east, sanctions and provocations, regime changes and local conflicts in Ukraine, the arms race and the deployment of missiles, aggressive nationalism and the training of fascist militants and making use of the refugee crisis.

The main proponents and animators of the war are the United States. Its strategy is to maintain and strengthen its hegemonic position in the world. Accordingly, its policy of war is aimed at:

– Conquering regions and countries that were previously under Russian influence and include them in NATO;

– Encircling Russia militarily, weakening it economically in order to prevent it from participating as a powerful actor in the inter-imperialist struggle;

– Increasing the legitimacy of NATO and the internal cohesion of the bloc, disciplining uncertain allies such as German imperialism that has strong economic relations with Russia and China;

– Inflicting a blow against the commercial and energy relations of European countries with Russia (for example, with the blockade of the North Stream 2 gas pipelines), in order to weaken states and monopolies that need to modernize their industrial base;

– Creating the opportunity to sell gas, oil, weapons and fighter jets to Ukraine and EU countries.

We must not forget that the main rival of US imperialism is Chinese social-imperialism. They cannot contain and confront China without the support of their imperialist "ally." So they are looking to create a cold war atmosphere to bolster their leadership in Europe.

The historical decline of US imperialism, its defeat in Afghanistan, the slowdown of its economy, its high debt and inflation, the loss of importance of the dollar, the dramatic consequences of the pandemic, the racial tensions and loss of confidence of the people in their government are all factors that induce US imperialism to concentrate on the war in order to divert attention from its problems.

US imperialism is on the offensive, but Russia is not an "angel of peace"; it is an aggressive imperialist power as well. The capitalist contradictions are deepening in Russia and its ruling imperialist clique is seeking salvation in militarism. Its interest in Ukraine is not to liberate its people from the reactionary regime that governs them, but to consolidate its position and save its sphere of influence in the region.

At the same time, Russia is strengthening its relationship with China to stand up to its Western rivals. They are acting together in the economic, political, technological and military spheres. The agreement signed by its giant monopolies for the supply of oil and gas represents a direct warning to EU countries that rely heavily on Russian energy resources.

The US says it wants to "work" in unison with the EU, but it is obvious that there are contradictions between the EU member states and the US. The bourgeoisie of different European countries do not want to be sacrificed in a US/NATO war against Russia. It is also clear that several EU/NATO vassal governments are supporting the Biden-Blinken plan and are sending troops, tanks, warplanes and ships into the area around Russia.

The EU is part of the policy of war

In this context, some governments, political and social forces, are presenting the European Union as an entity that could act in favor of "peace in Europe". In reality, the EU in the military field is closely linked to NATO; this is affirmed in each Treaty, as always, especially since the Lisbon Summit in 2011, which decided to develop the European defence policy, closely linked to NATO.

The EU, as an imperialist construction, is participating in this policy of war, and many EU member states have sent military forces in NATO's deployment around Russia.

We must also denounce the increasing militarization of northern Europe, where US imperialism is openly reinforcing its military presence "against the Russian danger." US imperialism is regrouping its military bases in Europe since the Cold War era, now wishing to place military bases in Denmark and Norway.

We warn of the danger of the spreading of illusions in the EU and we denounce all attempts to create a "national union" with the bourgeoisie. We must have no confidence in imperialist "pacifism" that paralyzes the masses and really prepares for war. Only the working class and the working masses can stop the imperialist war, fighting decisively against the ruling classes.

Our tasks

We, as Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations in Europe, denounce the imperialist character of the war and reject the warmongering policy of all the imperialist and capitalist forces involved.

We call on the workers and peoples to stop the war and the dangerous arms race, explaining that their main enemy is at home, in their own countries: it is the bourgeoisie!

For the working masses, the youth, the women, the war means more and more cuts in social spending, stronger pressure to increase exploitation and reduce wages, the destruction of workers' rights, as well as the building of police states and thus increasing pressure to recruit young people for the military services.

The struggle to meet the needs of the working class and the popular masses is closely linked to the struggle against war and militarism, for real democracy, for peace and international solidarity.

We call on the working class of all the countries involved in the conflict to intensify unity of action against the bourgeoisie of their own country that profits by selling arms and represses workers' protests.

Bread, work, social services, housing, not war!

We call for a struggle against reactionary, chauvinist and fascist ideology and the policy of hatred and division between proletarians and oppressed peoples of different countries, developing proletarian solidarity and internationalism.

We denounce and condemn imperialist military alliances, such as NATO and the EU. Let us reject the policy of war in any form and pretext, to support "our" imperialism, or to support one imperialist power against the other.

No to military credits and expenditures; the money should be used for health, education and public transportation, for stable and secure work, to raise wages and reduce the high cost of living.

Immediate withdrawal of troops, weapons and military "advisers" sent to other countries. Down with the warmongers and their policies. Stop the international military maneuvers.

End the warmongering and anti-democratic alliances such as NATO and the EU. No to the expansion of NATO but yes to the dissolution of this organization of terrorism and war; close all US bases in Europe!

Let us develop the protests and struggles in the workplaces and factories, in the mass associations, in the streets, on all sides. Let us mobilize the working class and the broad masses in the popular fronts against the warmongers, condemning the capitalist-imperialist system that brings the workers and peoples only exploitation, poverty, disease, oppression and war.


February 2022

Declaration of the European Meeting of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

Communist Workers' Party – Denmark
Communist Party of the Workers of France
Communist Party of Albania
Organization for the Construction of the Communist Party of the Workers of Germany
Communist Platform for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy
Marxist-Leninist Organization Revolution – Norway
Revolutionary Labour Alliance of Serbia
Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist)
Labour Party (EMEP) – Turkey

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