Towards the Popular Front against the Capitalist Crisis, Fascism and War

Joint Statement of Balkan Organisations

In the 1990s, Yugoslavia disintegrated in the blood of its peoples. That disintegration was carried out by nationalist forces that emerged at the top of the system itself, reviving all those criminal ideas and collaborationist forces that were defeated during the People’s Liberation Struggle during World War II.

After more than two decades since the end of interethnic conflicts, the accelerated development of the general capitalist crisis and the growth of inter-imperialist tensions, war drums are being heard again on the ruins of Yugoslavia. It is again trying nationalist madness that would grip the masses and provoke new conflicts. Weapons are being rattled again, criminal phalanxes are being formed and the accelerated militarization of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and other parts of the Balkans is taking place.

Today, the enemies of the Balkans are the imperialist enemies with their occupying boot, their bases, their multinational monopolies, their banks and debt slavery imposed by the new colonialism.

The peoples of the Balkans today are enemies of all their puppet regimes that are ready to serve those occupiers in plundering and trampling on their own peoples and their interests.

Today, the peoples of the Balkans are the enemies of all nationalist and fascist hordes under various flags which, serving powerful masters, want to realize their crazy and reactionary ideas on the blood of others and their own people.

We, the followers of the ideas of the People’s Liberation Struggle and the struggle of all Balkan peoples against fascism, are determined today to defend those ideas and oppose the coming war that could engulf the entire Balkans.

We call on all truly progressive and freedom-loving parts of the Balkan peoples to resolutely take their historical role in defending their peoples, their countries in the common struggle against the imperialist occupier, the ruling gangs of capital dictatorship and their nationalist and fascist phalanxes trying to push our peoples into new wars.

In the fight for peace among the Balkan nations!

In the fight against nationalist hatred, for freedom and unity of all Balkan nations!

In the fight against the imperialist occupiers, the bearers of war and their criminal policy!

Balkan resistance movement!

Party of Labour (Partija rada)
Revolutionary Alliance of Labour, Serbia
Antifascists of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Antifascists of Cetinje, Montenegro
Workers’ movement, Banja Luka
Antifa Sombor, Vojvodina

18th January 2022.

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