Amendments to the Draft Programme of the Communist Party of India*

J.V. Stalin

* The original text was ‘Draft of the Programme of the Communist Party of India’. Stalin first struck out ‘Draft’, then changed it to ‘Practical Programme of the Communist Party of India’, then struck out ‘practical’. Stalin also struck out ‘translation from English’ typed above the headline and added to the left a note ’17 points’.

After the first meeting of the CPSU(b) delegation headed by Stalin with the Indian delegation on 9th February 1951 in Moscow the CPI leaders set about drafting the Programme and Tactical Line of the Communist Party of India. Stalin made major suggestions on both these documents. The draft was prepared by S. A. Dange, Ajoy Ghosh, Rajeshwara Rao and M. Basuvapunnaiah in Moscow.

The CPI delegation sent the draft of the party programme to the Soviet party leadership on 15th February, 1951. This journal published this initial draft programme in April, 2014.

A number of comments were made Soviet leaders on the draft but most substantially by Stalin. The suggested amendments of Stalin are given below in bold type. We are grateful to N. Svetlov for locating the document and for translating from the Russian parts of the text and for his annotations.

Vijay Singh

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