Urdu Index

Programme of the Communist Party of Pakistan (1950) Posted December 19, 2023

Is Mao a Classic of Marxism-Leninism? Posted August 16, 2023

Trotskyism: A History of Betrayal (American Party of Labor)

Stalin-Mao Correspondence

Conversation between the Soviet Union's Joseph Stalin and China's Mao Zedong (December 16, 1949)

Stalin's Discussion with CPI Representatives

From the Conversation with the Delegation of the CC CP of China in Moscow (11th July 1949)

Krupskaya: Why the Second International is Defending Trotsky?

Opportunism: Discussion of Yugoslav Delegation with Mao Zedong (Beijing 1956)

Stalin: The October Revolution and the Tactics of the Russian Communists

Marxism, Modern Revisionism & the Theory of Equilibrium

The International Significance of the October Revolution

Stalin: Foundations of Socialism

Stalin: Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR

Stalin: Dialectical and Historical Materialism

Communist Party of China and the 20th Congress of CPSU
(British & Irish Communist Organization)

Hands Off Ukraine
(Translation of editorial from Revolutionary Democracy

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