Masonic Lodges – A National Threat 

Georgi Dimitrov 

Frequently people wonder how well known social and public figures apparently suddenly and totally immorally change their stands on many crucial questions concerning our state and our nation or they say one thing and do exactly the opposite.

For a layman it appears to be illogical and absolutely incomprehensible. However, when we know, that these people are acting as members of different Masonic lodges, the matter becomes absolutely clear.

These persons in their capacity of members of Masonic lodges usually receive advice and directives from their respective lodges and are totally subservient to them against the interests of their people and countries. Such Bulgarians stop having their own Bulgarian Will, lose their Bulgarian self dignity and become contemptuous of their duties before their own people and motherland.

There is a lot of information from which it is evident that Masonic lodges are being resurrected in our country. Veteran Bulgarian masons are being organised and new masons are being hired from among the state and public personalities.

Masonic lodges are essentially agents of foreign espionage and betrayal. This is why they pose a threat to the freedom and sovereignty of our people and our country.

We issue a stern warning against these anti-people groups.

The people need to show special concern in relation to these Masonic lodges in our country. The security agencies of people’s government need to take steps against them as against dangerous secret organisations.

Each of us must understand that that it is not possible to be a Bulgarian state or public personality — a minister, deputy, leader of any political party and public organisation – and at the time be a mason, be subservient to a foreign will and foreign authority.

Masonic lodges are a national threat for our Motherland and She demands their extermination. 

22nd July 1946

Bulgarian source: ‘Sochinenia’, Volume XII, Sofia, 1954, pp. 235-6.

Translated from the Russian by Tahir Asghar

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