On the 125th Birth Anniversary of Georgi Dimitrov

Letter of Georgi Dimitrov to G. M. Malenkov on the Visit of Rahula Sankrityayana to the Soviet Union 

4th May 1945


To Comrade Malenkov G.M.

According to information received by us Sankrityayana Rahula, a person well known to us, has arrived in Iran from India. From the same information we know that the leadership of the Communist Party of India, represented by Joshi Puran Chand, Adhikari and Dange, has deputed Sankrityayana to visit Moscow on their assignment.

About Sankrityayana we know that he was on a visit to the USSR in 1937 and worked in the Leningrad section of the Academy of Sciences in the capacity of a scholar of Buddhism. He got married in Leningrad. His wife and child have stayed back there. He left the USSR in 1938.

After returning to India he became an influential figure in the peasant movement and was elected as the Chairman of the All India Peasant Union.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Sankrityayana is a person who is well informed about the situation in India and will be able to give us information about the Communist Party of India.

We request you to grant permission for Sankrityayana’s entry into USSR.

/G. Dimitrov/

/A. Panyushkin/

4 May 1945
No. 25-2-1368

RGASPI Fond 82, Opis 2, Delo 1198, List 2

Published by kind permission of the authorities

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