XIX Congress of the CPSU (B.) – CPSU October 5-14, 1952).

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Dear comrades!

The delegation of the Communist Party of Greece, on behalf of the Central Committee of our party, on behalf of the whole party, as well as on behalf of the democratic and peace-loving people of Greece, warmly welcomes the 19th congress of the glorious party of Lenin - Stalin, welcomes the great Russian and other peoples of the Soviet Union, our beloved friend and defender of the comrade Stalin (thunderous applause), who always, during all the storms and trials, stood on the side of the people of Greece, sympathized with his struggle. (Prolonged applause.)

Even during the Turkish yoke, mothers of Greece, lulling their children, told them about the hero of Moscow, about the Russian people who would bring liberation. This tradition has always warmed and warms the soul of ordinary people of our country. Our people called and call Russia "holy Russia."

Russian victory in the Russian-Turkish war of 1828 – 1829 brought independence to Greece.

The great Lenin in 1917 protested against the hunger blockade imposed on small Greece in order to force it to fight on the side of the Entente imperialists.

In May 1945, Comrade Stalin sent a telegram to the National Liberation Front (EAM), in which he expressed sympathy for the Greek people, who had been subjected to an armed attack a few months before by British imperialism.

Since 1945, the Soviet Union has constantly raised the Greek question at the UN and defended the rights of our people, the freedom and independence of our country.

Our people believed and unshakably believe their great friend - the Russian people. If earlier this faith was spontaneous, then after 1917 it became conscious.

Partisans and communists of Greece died on the lips of Comrade Stalin in the battles against the Nazi invaders, in the dungeons of the Gestapo and the secret police.

Comrade Stalin is approached by the mothers of Greece with a request to save their children sentenced to death or prolonged imprisonment. This has taken the form of a broad popular movement in our country.

Our national hero Beloyannis in the monarcho-fascist military court fearlessly defended the Soviet Union and its peaceful policy.

Recently, our well-known democratic leader Pasalidis, who was never a communist, responding to the unbridled anti-Soviet slander of the fascist monarchs, said from the rostrum of the Athenian parliament: “The Tatars, Napoleon, Hitler wanted to destroy the Kremlin, but they all broke their neck, and if you dare to attack the Kremlin, then the same fate will befall you. (Stormy, prolonged applause.) And the Kremlin stood and stands invincibly, like the sun, illuminating the whole world. ” (Applause). With these words, Pasalidis expressed the faith of the people.

Our people know the Soviet Union, its peoples, Comrade Stalin only as friends and loves them. Our people keep this feeling in their hearts, like that of our girl who was subjected to atrocious tortures because she found the portrait of Comrade Stalin. When the executioners tore the portrait in front of her, barely alive, she found the strength to shout: “You can’t take it out of your heart!” (Stormy, prolonged applause, turning into a standing ovation. Everyone stands up. Exclamations: "Great Stalin, hurray!").

Our people, like all other peoples of the world, know that the great Soviet heart, the soul of Comrade Stalin, responds to his suffering, pain, torment and aspirations. Therefore, he never loses hope for his release, does not lose his courage and determination to fight.

While the Greek people wholeheartedly love the Soviet Union, they no less vigorously hate the American and English imperialists, whom they only know as invaders, predators, robbers and executioners. He not only hates them, but also fights against them. In the period 1945 – 1949 Americans and the British spent five billion dollars in little Greece just to impose on her the "freedom" of exploitation and robbery.

Using the example of the People’s Republic of Albania, our people know what the help of the Soviet Union means and compares it with the American “help” of Greece, which led our country to disaster. Previously, Albania was considered one of the most backward countries in Europe. With the victory of popular democracy and with the comprehensive and disinterested help of the Soviet Union, she stepped far forward. Now Albania has left far behind itself bourgeois-landowner Americanized Greece.


Over the past nine years, our people, at the call and under the leadership of the Communist Party of Greece, fought with arms four times for their rights, for their freedom. He rebuffed Mussolini, fought for three years against Hitler, resisted the British intervention in 1944, then for three and a half years, from 1946 to 1949, our people fought for their independence and life, and only hit the back of the treacherous clique of Tito forced us to retreat.

Currently, Greece has been turned into a continuous military camp, into a continuous prison. Basically, the alliance of the monarchist fascists, the cliques of Tito and Ankara have already been knocked together. Tito spies Moshe Piade and Vukmanovich Tempo, who slandered the Communist Party of Greece in 1949 to cover up their own betrayal, now travel to Athens and declare their love to the fascist monarchs. The American imperialists think that they will succeed in forcing the Greek people to fight against the Soviet Union, Albania and Bulgaria. However, they will fail as Hitler failed, who failed to send a single Greek against the Soviet Union, while 120 thousand ELAS fighters fought against him in Greece. (Applause).

In his report, Comrade Malenkov stated that “it must be assumed that in countries condemned to the role of obedient pawns of American dictators, there will be truly peaceful democratic forces that will pursue their independent, peaceful policies and find a way out of the impasse that their American drove dictators."

You can be sure, comrades that the Greek people will adhere to this path. (Applause).

We can draw this conclusion on the basis that the people of Greece do not stop their struggle for a minute. This is the main reason for the political crisis that the American regime in Greece is experiencing. Over the past three years, parliamentary elections have been held three times in the country, and the Americans cannot form a strong government in Greece. The people of Greece are rallying, fighting the lackeys of American imperialism, for freedom, democracy and peace, for a truly democratic government. The Communists of Greece learn from their mistakes and the lessons of the path travelled, while maintaining close ties with the people, are at the head of it. The enemy is making frantic efforts in the struggle against our party, he seeks to undermine it both from the outside and from the inside, using deserters, traitors, compromisers and opportunists for this purpose. Facts show that these enemy efforts are not successful. The confidence of the people in the Communist Party of Greece not only does not decrease, but, on the contrary, increases.

Our task is to creatively master the theory of Marxism-Leninism, the teachings of Marx - Engels - Lenin - Stalin and lead the people to victory in their struggle for bread, democracy, independence and peace. We know that we still face great obstacles and difficulties. But we learn from you, the Bolsheviks, how to deal with difficulties and overcome them.

The struggle of our people is part of the struggle that the peoples of the world, led by the Soviet Union, are leading for democracy, independence and socialism. This is the guarantee of our victory.


These days, at your congress, we, the foreign Communists, have received another wonderful gift and help of extremely great importance to us. Comrade Stalin, in his new work, The Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR, specifically and comprehensively developed the paths for a gradual transition from socialism to communism. And the XIX Congress of your party showed that in the Soviet Union this transition has historically, materially matured, that this question has been posed in a timely manner. The 19th party congress clearly shows that the Soviet Union is following the path indicated by Comrade Stalin.

Comrade Stalin, in his new work, discovered and outlined the laws of economic development in the USSR, the laws of a gradual transition from socialism to communism, and discovered these laws in the most material, objective Soviet reality. Thus, Comrade Stalin proved and once again proved the correctness of the Marxist-Leninist position that economic laws, like the laws of the development of nature, do not depend on the will of man, cannot be arbitrarily created, that these laws are created and develop in life and movement itself nature and society, regardless of human will.

Thus, Comrade Stalin once again teaches us, foreign Communists, how to do scientific analysis and scientific foresight in politics. Scientific analysis and scientific foresight are based on knowledge of the objective laws of movement and development in nature and society. Comrade Stalin also teaches us that these objectively existing laws can be discovered in the material conditions of objective reality, that these laws can be known and used by man, society and his advanced party in order to move forward, towards progress, in this case – to communism.

Comrade Stalin was the first to see, the first to catch these objective processes, developed them scientifically and theoretically, and put them before the party in the form of programmatic and concrete political tasks of the struggle and the activities of the party with a view to their implementation. This shows the whole strength of the Stalinist genius.

Comrade Stalin’s new work, as well as the progress of your congress, is another remarkable illustration of the unity of theory and practice. This unity of theory and practice is one of the main advantages of the Bolsheviks over their enemies and their ideology, one of the main conditions for Stalin's success in your movement forward.

These days we are going through a higher party school, higher courses. Our duty is to draw all the necessary conclusions for our ideological, political and practical work in the struggle against the exploiters and arsonists of a new war.


Our mothers, ordinary women of our country, whose children Comrade Stalin takes care of so warmly, say: “May God shorten our lives for years and give minutes to Stalin. There are so many of us that he will live forever. ” (Stormy, prolonged applause.) Our people attach these wishes to the wishes of the peoples of the whole world.

May our great Stalin live and live for many, many years for the benefit of the peoples of the whole world! (Stormy, prolonged applause, turning into a standing ovation. Everyone stands up).

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