Military Pressure – Basis of the Political Dictate and Blackmail of the Soviet Revisionist Leaders

 (Reproduced from the 1969 April 11th issue of the «Zeri i Popullit» daily)
The «Naim Frasheri» Publishing House Tirana, 1969

Military ventures and armed aggression of the fascist type are the main features of the present foreign policy of the Soviet revisionists. The occupation of Czechoslovakia and the barbarous provocations along the Chinese border are two but not the only tangible examples of the most typical kind. They are expressions of the practical implementation of the ill-famed policy of dictating and blackmailing through the use of military pressure the Kremlin leaders practise towards their «allies» and other countries. They are the concrete implementation of the Soviet-U.S. joint imperialist strategy to divide zones of influence and to have the world dominated by these two great powers.

These recent years and, particularly, prior to and after the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the armymen have been playing a decisive role in Soviet foreign policy, and they cannot act but militarily, by military methods. Military blackmail lies at the root of the activity of the Soviet revisionist leaders; their reasoning out and solving every problem of theirs lie in deductions and aggressive military actions. The political, ideological and economic relations with their satellite allies are all based on the Warsaw Treaty which has become the principal weapon of their blackmail. «If you refuse to acquiesce without demur, I either overthrow you by intrigues within or put in motion the Soviet Army guised under the label of the Warsaw Treaty and occupy your country»-. This is the whole political concept of this fascist militarist band holding sway in the Soviet Union. All the satellites are scared by this threat and no one of them likes it, but they are placed under the iron grip of the Soviet chieftains.

Of course, the renegade leaders of the Soviet Union did not choose the course of military ventures of their own free will. They resorted to extreme measures of violence since they could no longer rule by peaceful means, since their fraudulent demagogy could no longer hold water. The serious crisis which has beset the whole revisionist front, the disintegration, confusion and degeneration of its ranks has placed the new Kremlin czars before the alternative of either admitting their complete failure in both the domestic and foreign policy, a thing which they are reluctant to do, or resort to military strokes in order to maintain their existence somewhat longer.

The stationing for more than 20 years of Soviet military forces in East European countries, a replica of NATO’s U.S. bases and troops stationed in Western Europe, is a typical example that goes to show in all clarity that the Soviet revisionist clique intends to force its dictate on the peoples of this zone by its armed forces.

How can present day Czechoslovakia be called a socialist country when it cannot live freely and independently and stands seemingly in need of Soviet troops to safeguard «socialism» and protect the country from «capitalist aggression»?

Of what socialist regimes can one speak in Poland, the German Democratic Republic, Hungary and elsewhere which stand in need of foreign troops to keep them on their feet? Of course, the need to cope with imperialist threats does not exclude the existence of alliances among socialist countries. But this does not necessarily require the stationing of troops of a great Power like the Soviet Union which, moreover, boasts night and day that it possesses a powerful and swift striking force to cope with any aggression that might break out not only against its own country and its neighbors but also against its friends thousands of kilometers away!

The leaders of the Soviet Union and satellite countries raise a hue and cry about the danger from the re-armed Western Germany. That such a danger exists is true enough. But, in secret, the Soviet revisionists maintain close friendly relations with the Bonn leaders, maintain good diplomatic and highly developed mutual trade relations with the German Federal Republic. This is all confirmed by practice so far and also by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the German Federal Republic, Willy Brandt. They are about to make further concessions to the West Germans to travel freely from and to East Berlin and West Berlin and are conducting other negotiations in different fields. They try in vain to keep these from public opinion reproaching communist China with allegedly maintaining relations with Bonn.

Likewise, in its great zeal to flare up its anti-Chinese campaign, the Moscow propaganda is so mean as to call the glorious People’s China as something similar to «Mongolian hordes». But the world is not deceived by such racist insinuations. Not a single Chinese soldier is stationed beyond China’s boundaries, whereas Soviet troops are stationed in many foreign countries. How meaningful is the gesture of Mao Tse-tung’s Chinese People’s Liberation Army which came to the aid of the Korean people and, when the latter came off victorious over the U.S. aggressors and puppet Syngman Rhee, not a single Chinese soldier stayed on in Korea!

The Soviet revisionists who station troops in other countries justify this by the U.S. and West German danger. But has a similar danger from the U.S.A. and Japan not existed and does it not still exist for Korea?

The shadow of tanks the Soviet revisionists have cast on other countries, the repeated movements of armed units or the frequent military maneuvers as well as the presence and movements of the Soviet Fleet in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans have but one purpose — to subjugate others to the Soviet hegemony and dictate.

What other meaning could be attached to the large scale maneuvers of the Warsaw Treaty which are taking place in some satellite countries, except that of intimidating and reminding them that they should submit to the rule of the Soviet revisionists? Marshal Yakubovsky pays frequent visits to the capitals of the Warsaw Treaty countries. But the presence of this revisionist raven foreshadows evil wherever it appears. Through Marshal Yakubovsky, the Soviet revisionists act just as Dulles used to act in his time. But Dulles was USA Secretary of State and used to conceal his military aggressive schemes in a diplomatic pouch while Yakubovsky posts them on his hat, on his shoulder straps, on the medals that cover his chest. This commander of the Warsaw Treaty has become an itinerant warmonger going stale, a ridiculous «bugbear» going from one place to another in the countries writhing under the heel of the Soviet revisionists for the purpose of threatening them by armed forces, of occupying, of hatching up military-political putches, of exerting economic pressure on and extorting concessions from them for the Kremlin ruling clique.

Yakubovsky goes from Poland to Hungary, from Hungary to Bulgaria, from Bulgaria to Czechoslovakia, from Czechoslovakia to Rumania and vice-versa, inspects the Soviet forces of occupation, organizes the Soviet network of agents in the ranks of the «allied» armies, checks the political situation in every satellite country and takes pressure steps. It is alleged that he makes arrangements for «joint maneuvers» but his obscure doings tend to making arrangements for or carrying out armed intervention. The maneuvers Yakubovsky organized last July in Czechoslovakia were the prelude of the August 21 event.

The policy of military blackmail is not pursued by the Soviet revisionists within the ranks of «Warsaw» alone, and Yakubovsky is not the only bugbear roaming from place to place in Europe. (There is also bugbear Grechko who. in his capacity as the Minister of Defense of the Soviet Union, travels to Cairo, Beyrut, Algier, Damascus, Irak, Pakistan and, of late, to India with tanks and military plans in his pouch. All the movements of his reflect the military aggressive intentions of the Kremlin revisionists, to adjust these countries to their plans, not to solve the acute problems of these countries except in compliance with Soviet-U.S. interests and to make preparations for aggression against the People’s Republic of China.

But the Soviet revisionists can no longer intimidate any one by their bankrupt policy of blackmail and pressure, by their bayonets. Their ventures have failed and will fail with disgrace as they come up against the determination of the people, against the latter’s determined struggle in defense of their higher interests, freedom and independence, in defense of their rights to be masters of their own countries. The best rebuff to the militaristic, venturesome and provocative policy which the Soviet revisionists pursue and which is based only on the forces of arms, has long been given by Albania when it bravely withstood Nikita Khrushchev’s pressure, intervention and threats, when it denounced the Warsaw Treaty which the Brezhnyev-Kosygin clique has turned into a mere instrument for aggression. This policy has now of late received another firm rebuff from great People’s China during the Soviet provocations at Ussuri.

The Soviet revisionists had pinned their hopes on such armed provocations as those at Ussuri to intimidate socialist China and to halt its triumphant mach towards communism. But the contrary happened. Brezhnyev’s band «went in to get wool but came out with their hair clipped» as the saying goes. In their flagrant crime the Soviet renegade leaders came up against the powerful fist of the 700-million strong Chinese people who, united to a man around their Communist Party and their great leader, outstanding Marxist-Leninist Mao Tse-tung, rose all up to defend unflinchingly their socialist country, to make short work of the enemy daring to attack great People’s China.

By their anti-China provocations, the Moscow revisionists sought to trump up the myth of «threats from the East», in order to tighten the screws on their European satellites, to consolidate the latter’s’ military and political subjugation, to ensure the latter’s’ support for the new ventures they plan to undertake. But the Warsaw Treaty meeting which was to realize the hopes of the Kremlin chieftains was a complete fiasco. There, it became clear that Moscow’s revisionist allies are by no means willing to join in the anti-China schemes of the Soviet leadership, inasmuch as this would make more unbearable the yoke of the Soviets which is quite unbearable as it is.

The global strategy of the hegemonic expansion of the Soviet revisionists through aggression is now quite evident. The first stage of realizing it passes through the complete military domination of the territories included in the so-called Soviet zone of influence under the guise of the Warsaw Treaty. The Soviet revisionists hope to take this first venturesome step without pain and without repercussions on the Soviet-U.S. alliance. The attitude of the U.S. government, more benevolent than indifferent, is a sufficiently concrete example. The «Call for European Security» made to the European capitalist countries by the Soviet leaders on behalf of the Warsaw Treaty at the Budapest meeting is also in line with this. Assuring the European upper bourgeoisie and, above all, the U.S. imperialists, of tranquility along the military frontiers between the NATO and the Warsaw Treaty countries, they ask them to remain neutral while the Moscovite czar tries to establish «order» in his estate in the East.

«European Security», as the revisionists view it, means to preserve the present status-quo, that is, to ensure the Soviet-U.S. alliance in order to maintain intact the dominating positions the U.S. imperialists and Soviet revisionists hold now in various European countries.

A lot is said and written, more often in the revisionist and less so in the imperialist propaganda, about doing away with NATO and the Warsaw Treaty. But all this hubbub is speculation pure and simple, a sheer bluff. Everybody understands by now that «proposals», «appeals» and the like to do away with blocs is out of the question inasmuch as they are kept on foot precisely for the purpose of safeguarding the special interests of U.S.-Soviet imperialism in Europe and of perpetuating this status quo.

The Soviet leaders have long been prowling around Rumania like wild beasts in an open and scandalous way. Pressures are now undisguised. «Rumania must be occupied like Czechoslovakia» — this is the objective of the Soviet revisionist gangsters. The militarist adventurous policy of the Soviet revisionist chieftains, however, has come up against the determined resistance of the Rumanian people, of the Rumanian working class who are courageously opposing the attempts of the Soviet revisionists to intervene in their country. The latter are now in an awkward position, hesitating to repeat the stale Czechoslovak game which exploded into their hands and brought so much trouble, disgrace and failure upon them. The Soviet revisionists want to occupy Rumania but not in the way they occupied Czechoslovakia. They want this to take place with the consent of the Rumanian people within the «regular framework» of the Warsaw Treaty. They have militarily occupied Bulgaria; this is already done due to the betrayal of Zhivkov’s clique. This occupation has been carried out in dead silence. They want to do the same thing in Rumania, but in order to achieve this, they must win over the Rumanian leaders who refuse to fall in line with them. They try to bring them around through cajolery, putehes, conspiracies and threats of all kinds. Our people have a bitter experience of the various and sophisticated ways the Soviet revisionists have used against them, ranging from inciting the anti-Marxist and anti-Party elements to resort to subversion to even exploiting the presence of some Soviet women in Albania for purposes of espionage.

At the same time they are making use of the Warsaw Treaty charter. The reason why they insist on carrying out military maneuvers on Rumanian territory is clear. They are looking for a pretext to cross over to Rumania «legally» and stay on there indefinitely and thus complete the occupation of «allied» countries and hedge round the «Warsaw» concentration camp.

The international conjunctures are not favorable for the Soviet revisionists to carry out their «Rumanian plan», especially after their occupation of Czechoslovakia, therefore, for the time being, they have taken upon themselves the task of urging Rumania to affirm its membership in the Warsaw Treaty with all its «rights» and obligations and, thus, take part in all the maneuvers which the «armies» of the Warsaw Treaty hold in any allied country. Hence, the other «task» so much to the liking of the Soviet renegades, to carry out maneuvers on Rumanian territory as well.

That is why bugbear Yakubovsky travels to and from Bucharest accompanied also by Kuznetsov, the alleged political lieutenant of the Kremlin kings. It is on these boards that the chess games are being played.

Under the present situation, when the Soviet revisionists have unsheathed their sword and threaten those countries which do not submit to their dictate with armed intervention, the Rumanian people are justified in jealously defending their freedom and national independence. We are sure they will never allow anyone daring to encroach upon and trample underfoot their most sacred things, their freedom and national independence and the achievements of socialist revolution.

In his February 28th electoral speech in Bucharest, N. Ceauscescu stated: «Whoever would dare to infringe upon our socialist achievements will come up against the resistance of a 20-million strong people, closely united, determined to selflessly fight with might and main and with all the means at their disposal in defense of their lives, of their sacred right to freedom.»

The Rumanian people are fully justified in arming themselves and being always prepared to cope with any direct or roundabout assault by the Soviet revisionists.

Despite the divergence of an ideological character we have with the Rumanian Party and State leadership on many issues, the Albanian people and their Party of Labor firmly back the just resistance of the fraternal Rumanian people and the Rumanian working class against the aggressive intentions of the Soviet chauvinists and their followers, against any blackmail or provocation, overt or covert, the chieftains of the Soviet Union might resort to in order to subjugate Rumania. Whatever may happen, we will always be on the side of the Rumanian people, on the side of the Rumanian working class.

A certain resistance, in one form or another, is now being observed also in revisionist countries against Soviet hegemony, against the political, economic and military pressure by the revisionist leadership of the Soviet Union. They are being checkmated in almost every move they make. Czechoslovakia is quite a significant example. Seven months have passed by since the armed intervention but the Czechoslovak people have never succumbed, have not submitted to the dictate of the revisionist Soviet leaders. Boycott and complete isolation of the invaders, a downright expression of resentment and daring manifestations against invasion have now become a powerful weapon against the intruders upon their homeland. Tanks sent by the Brezhnyev-Kosygin clique cannot nor will ever be able to suppress the freedom-loving spirit of the Czechoslovak people. The longer the foreign troops of occupation stay on in Czechoslovakia, the more frequent become the interventions in Czechoslovakia’s domestic affairs, intrigues and pressures by the revisionist invaders, the more solid becomes the unity of the Czechoslovak people, the firmer becomes their determination not to kowtow, not to recoil before the pressures, intimidations and blackmail of their enslavers. The recent demonstrations which have swept over the whole of Czechoslovakia in protest Of the country’s occupation by the revisionists, is another proof that the Czechoslovak people are not subjugated by either Grechko’s and Yakubovsky’s tanks or the capitulation and collaboration of the Dubchek-Svoboda clique.

But it is not only the Czechs but also the Hungarians, Poles and Germans who are reluctant to join in the new adventures of the Soviet revisionists. They are now looking for ways and means to keep clear of Yakubovsky’s fascist military yoke and then resort to all kinds of maneuvers to dodge Moscow’s hateful pressure and dictate. Their calculations are simple: the more troubles for Kremlin the easier it will be for them.

Next to Rumania, the policy of the expansionist hegemonic objectives of the Soviet revisionist leaders threatens also Yugoslavia. The Soviet revisionist clique have now conjunctural contradictions with the Belgrade revisionist leaders. Irrespective of the basis and aims this involves, it is a fact that the Yugoslav Titoites have opposed and are opposing the hegemony of the Soviet revisionists in the East European countries. Hence the friction with them.

Pressures and threats towards Yugoslavia have increased especially prior to and after intervention in Czechoslovakia. They are spurred on by the Soviet revisionists and their Bulgarian satellites as a counter-weight towards Tito who raises trouble to them in attaining their ends towards Rumania as early and in as an easy-going way as possible.

But irrespective of whether the Moscow and Belgrade rulers will fall out definitely or reconcile with and embrace each other again, one thing is certain: the Kremlin chieftains are well aware that an eventual assault by them on the Yugoslav borders will come up against the fierce and heroic resistance of the Yugoslav peoples who have fought for freedom and independence against foreign invaders all along their history. An aggression by the Soviet revisionists against Yugoslavia will spell disaster for them from all viewpoints.

The political and ideological demarcation line separating us from the present Yugoslav leadership is now well known. But the Albanian people, strictly abiding, by the principles guiding them and, at the same time remaining true to their freedom-loving, progressive and anti-imperialist traditions of long standing, will support without hesitation, just as they have done in the past, the resistance of the peoples of Yugoslavia to aggression.

It is now obvious that, just as Hitler did, the revisionist clique of the Soviet Union are getting u]» one adventure after another, so as to arrive at a great conflagration with China as the ultimate target. At the present stage, as we mentioned above, the Soviet revisionists are seeking to dominate their allies militarily in order to ensure, so to say, the internal front. But if this has been easy-going for them so far, a further adventurous step, an attack on Yugoslavia and Albania, will not only cost the Soviet revisionists dearly but would certainly be the prelude to a great world war, because neither Yugoslavia nor Albania are soft figs that can be easily swallowed by Grechkos and Yakubovskys. They are hard nuts to crack.

This second stage will not only result in a military defeat for them but it will also have disastrous political consequences all along the front where the Soviet revisionists try hard to preserve their mask as an anti-imperialist power, as a liberation force.

Socialist Albania and the Albanian people, guided by their Party of Labor, are inviolate and will crush to smithereens any one daring to attack them. «There have not been born yet, either yesterday or today, those men,» Comrade Enver Hoxha has said, «who would intimidate the Albanians! Albania’s frontiers and the Albanian territory are defended by a people and party who would shower bullets into the mouths of all these who would dare to lay hands on them.»

The Soviet revisionists and their allies are well aware that Albania is not alone; they can entertain no illusions whatsoever, especially about the lasting friendly ties and unbreakable alliance binding the Albanian people to the Chinese people. An attack on Albania will have to reckon with great People’s China. «If the U.S. imperialists, the modern Soviet revisionists and their lackeys,» Chairman Mao Tse-tung has declared, «will dare touch Albania in the slightest nothing lies ahead for them but a complete, shameful and inevitable defeat.»

The adventures the revisionist clique of the Soviet Union are up to bring them closer to and link them more and more with the U.S. imperialists in consolidating the Soviet-U.S. alliance whose main objective is to encircle and make short work of China. But the great adventure against China, should they dare to undertake it, would be, at the same time, the end of imperialism and revisionism as a whole.

The Soviet revisionists are hatching up numerous aggressive schemes. But their way is blocked by insurmountable obstacles which will lead them without fail to one defeat after another up to their complete destruction. We believe that the Soviet people themselves will not tolerate either to be placed in the role of the Nazi German hordes in the attacks which Hitler mounted on other peoples and, first and foremost, on those of the Soviet Union. The great Soviet people, the Russian working class, the working people of the Soviet Union as a whole who possess great revolutionary traditions and who have given proof in the past of their proletarian internationalism, will not allow themselves to be turned by the renegade Brezhnyev-Kosygin revisionist clique into invaders and robbers of the freedom of other peoples. By no means will they tolerate the homeland of the October Revolution, the homeland of Lenin and Stalin and of the Soviets to be turned back to the Russia of the Czars, to be turned into the gendarme of world reaction. We are convinced that the glorious ideas of Marxism-Leninism remaining alive in the conscience of the rank and file of the Soviet people, can never be quelled no matter how ruthless the revisionist oppression and no matter how diabolic the propaganda of the clique of usurpers reigning in the Kremlin may be. The peoples of the Soviet Union are faced with a great historical responsibility, perhaps the greatest ever faced by them. The alternative for them is to either side with the freedom-loving people, against the aggressive plans of the traitorous Soviet revisionist clique or with the latter against the freedom and independence of peoples, against revolution and socialism. We believe that they will choose the path of honor, that they will again raise the banner of revolution and rid themselves of the revisionist pest which has beset them.

The Kremlin chieftains base their expansionist policy and aggressive plans on the force of tanks. But the present Soviet army, which is under the command of degenerated military cliques and which is guided by a treacherous ideology based on reprisals and the policy of bayonets, has not and cannot have that compactness, that warlike spirit and that force which it had against the Hitlerites when it was under Stalin’s command.

At that time, the Soviet Army had these qualities, inasmuch as it and its wars themselves were of a liberation nature. It has now lost them because it is no longer guided by Marxism-Leninism and by the principles of proletarian internationalism. Both Lenin who led the October Revolution and Stalin who led the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union had great respect for and confidence in the revolutionary and liberation struggle of the working class and the peoples of the world who rendered a valuable contribution to the victory of the revolution of the Russian proletariat and to the destruction of fascist Germany.

The present Soviet military clique has gone so far in their reactionary stand as to under-rate indeed this great fighting force in defense of freedom, democracy and socialism. What was true and real in the correct assessment by Lenin, Stalin and the Bolshevik Party of the Soviet Union when they spoke of the contribution and aid rendered by the world proletariat and peoples has now become an empty slogan in the lips of the revisionists. The renegade chieftains of the Kremlin think that the vital, vigorous and invincible force of the working class and peoples, in case of aggression by them, will not be able to cope with the brutal force of the new fascists. Herein appears in all clarity the megalomania of this clique of degenerated generals and marshals who use the real historical past of the Soviet Army only as a thing to brag about and for political speculations.

In fact, they have reduced the Soviet Army to a lamentable state and are leading it to that catastrophic path along which the bourgeois armymen — Weigand, Petain and others, reduced the French army which emerged victorious in the First World War.

Hitler and Mussolini, too, entertained such megalomaniac views of their military prowess, underrating and belittling the resistance of the people.

Based on this megalomania and erroneous calculations, they imagined that they would oppress and subjugate the peoples by a blitzkrieg. But the contrary happened. And we remind the Soviet revisionists that it was not the Soviet Union alone that experienced the Hitlerite blitzkrieg and bombardments. This was experienced not less by the Albanian, Yugoslav and other peoples as well. Although we were people of a small country, in spite of their blitzkrieg and heavy assaults, the Hitlerites were unable to rout or defeat us. We came off victorious over them. It is true that we had the colossal military assistance of the Soviet Union and of other peoples, but if you, Soviet revisionists, will undertake adventures like those Hitler undertook against us, we will not be alone and will beat you again. You will be equally isolated as Hitler.

The Soviet revisionists are trumpeting abroad and accusing us Albanians of having allegedly forgotten the great contribution the Soviet Army has rendered to the liberation of Europe, Albania included. We are reiterating to these gentlemen once and for the hundredth time the Albanian have not forgotten and do not forget the role the Soviet Army and Stalin have played and the contribution they have rendered to the liberation of Europe and of Albania from the Nazi plague. But the present Soviet Army is no longer the Red Army of the October Revolution and of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, the present Soviet revisionist party is no longer the party of the Bolsheviks, of Lenin and Stalin. You betrayed the revolution and the glorious traditions of the Soviet Army while we, as genuine Marxist-Leninists and internationalists, have upheld and will uphold them to the end and without reserve.

The policy of blackmail and pressure pursued by the revisionist leaders of the Soviet Union is to the benefit of and encouragement to imperialism to further intensify its aggressive activity against the freedom and independence of the peoples, against the revolutionary movement of the working class in capitalist countries. It is a fact that, in a situation created by the betrayal of the revisionists, the U.S. imperialists are seeking by all the means at their disposal, by the forces of arms, by dollars, through counter-revolutionary coups, intrigues, blackmail and so on to extend their political, economic and political domination over and enslave the peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The revisionists want the people to withdraw and capitulate to the imperialists and accept their yoke without resistance.

But no one is fooled by this dirty propaganda. U.S. imperialism is the common, ruthless and dangerous enemy of all the peoples of the world, it is the principal instigator of aggressions and wars. Therefore, the freedom-loving peoples and true revolutionaries of all countries are not deceived and never take the fight against imperialism off their minds. They keep uniting and consolidating the ranks of the anti-imperialist front and launch a determined battle against the aggressive plans and activities of the USA and international reaction fully confident of their ultimate victory.

The Soviet revisionist leadership is now in the grip of unsolvable contradictions. The critical situation in which they find themselves forces them to resort to adventures and to the open use of military pressure. At the same time, their policy of adventure arouses everywhere a determined resistance and struggle on the part of the people which makes the situation still more critical for them. And it cannot be otherwise. They have now taken the shameful path of fascist aggression which will lead them nowhere else but to their doom. The people cannot long endure the invaders and the native cliques sold off to the Soviets. The movement for resistance and opposition has long started; it will increase, swell and furiously break forth also in the open. The peoples they threaten by the force of arms are not intimidated and will not yield to pressure. They stand vigilant guard and are always prepared to defend to the end their freedom and independence, to deal deathblows at every aggressor, big or small, with or without modern weapons.

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