Greetings to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaaz

The ten years of people’s war based in the countryside and the alliance of the communists with the seven-party coalition which was a force in the urban areas sparked off the April uprising of the Nepalese people and has ended the 237 year old feudal monarchy despite its being supported by US imperialism and Indian reaction. The negotiations between the CPN (Maoist) and the Seven Party Alliance led to the signing of a comprehensive peace accord: the enforcement of a ceasefire and the decision to establish an interim constitution. These were crucial stepping stones towards the abolition of the feudal monarchy, the establishment of a democratic republic, and the setting up of the constituent assembly. The state of Nepal which existed as a Hindu kingdom has been converted into a secular state. These successes are founded on a democratic understanding of the necessity of a resolution of the agrarian, nationality, women and dalit (‘untouchable’) questions and the establishment of a federal republic. They are also based on the correct Bolshevik tactics of combining all forms of struggle in the national-revolutionary democratic process, the legal and non-legal, peaceful and non-peaceful, the parliamentary tactic and the armed revolution. The revolution gained the support of the middle class by the protection of their property. The democratic principle of self-determination and autonomy of the nationalities and the establishment of a multi-national federal republic preserves the democratic unity of the peoples. It is to be expected that resistance to these developments will take place. US imperialism continues its interference in the internal affairs of Nepal, Indian reaction, especially Hindu communal-fascism, are trying to break the democratic unity of the peoples and fomenting rebellions against the new dispensation. The reactionary Pakistan regimes in the past have supplied arms to the royal Nepal governments. Serious attempts were made to postpone and cancel the elections to the constituent assembly in order to preserve the interests of imperialism and feudalism. Despite all obstacles the democratic forces achieved great successes in the elections. At present the Congress Party headed by Koirala is trying to obstruct the formation of the new government and the drafting of a democratic constitution. The democratic revolution in Nepal is scoring great successes against imperialism which is the common enemy of the peoples of the world. It receives, in return, the support of the democratic forces across the globe. Here in Pakistan our journal Awami Manshoor has been regularly carrying news about the struggles of the democratic movement in Nepal. We, workers of Pakistan, united in the Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaaz, hail the revolutionary process in Nepal.

Long live the Nepal revolution!

Tufail Abbas,

Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaaz
Karachi, 11th July 2008

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