What the Meeting of Renegades at Karlovy Vary Showed

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Tirana, 1967


Karlovy Vary Meeting — a Meeting of Renegades

What did the Meeting of Renegades at Karlovy Vary Show

Karlovy Vary Meeting — A Meeting of Renegades

In the resort city of Karlovy Vary in Czechoslovakia a meeting of some European revisionist parties is going to be held on the 24th of this month. The question of «European security» is in the agenda.

The modern revisionists, with the Soviet revisionists at the head, are all out to present this meeting as a «success» of their line, as a manifestation of «the unity» and «compactness» of the revisionist ranks.

But all this is a boastful advertisement for a very poor stuff on sale. Its main aim is the obstruction of the proletarian revolution and the establishment of «bourgeois» socialism. The revisionists will try to make use of this meeting to realize their European policy which they have long been practicing in an official and state way. They try to strike a balance between their power and that of the U.S. imperialists preserving, at the same time, their alliance with them and setting up new alliances with other capitalist countries.

The analysis of facts shows that the revisionist «European Security» is a fraud, a maneuver which aims at camouflaging the joint imperialist-revisionist plots against the European peoples, against the genuine anti-imperialist and anti-revanchist forces, against the revolutionary uprising of the peoples.

By means of the «European Security», formula, the Khrushchovite revisionists want to strengthen their relations with the capitalist powers of Europe, to speed up the process of the integration of socialism into capitalism, to secure favorable conditions for the capitalist restoration which is now taking place in the Soviet Union and, other revisionist countries. «European Security» should serve the revisionists as a justifiable means in the eyes of their public opinion as well as a bridge to the West, to the expansion of the all-round political and economic cooperation with capitalist countries. The first steps in this direction have already been taken. The Italian, French and British monopolies have begun to invest big capitals in the Soviet Union. The Soviet trusts are preparing to do the same thing in Western industry. During his visit to London, Kosygin openly demanded the substitution of the «Common Market» with a «European Common Market». It is evident that under these circumstances both sides will make efforts to do away with hindrances to the free circulation of capital, commodities, ideas and people and so on. Whether it be called «European Common Market» or «European Common Security» that matters very little. In all cases it will be class cooperation between the old European bourgeoisie and the new revisionist one.

Intending to exploit the revolutionary and liberation struggle of the peoples, in Vietnam and elsewhere, which, in fact, they undermine, the revisionists try to set up that weight in the balance which will enable them for further settlements with U.S. imperialism and world social-democracy. This can be attained, the revisionists think, by at least weakening, if not eliminating, the American «lunatics». In such a case, they think, their demagogic victory would be enormous and, thus, in common, they would be able to fight more successfully the development of revolution.

The cooperation of the French revisionists with the French bourgeois parties, as a consequence of which the French revisionists finally gave up their independent policy, now playing a minor role in the traditional social-democratic-radical opposition; Papal encyclicals, the increasingly emphatic compliance of the Italian revisionists with the interests of the Italian bourgeoisie and the Vatican, the liberalism and the ideological and political disintegration in the Soviet Union and other revisionist countries; all these are the conditions and the premises upon which the new revisionist bourgeoisie pins its hopes for its treacherous plans. They think and hope that «peaceful coexistence», which is being hindered by the U.S. aggression, will quell down the flames of revolution. It is only in this way the revisionists and the other bourgeois people think and hope to be able to strangle China and Albania, against which, in the extreme case, and under the new circumstances and situations which they are trying to create, they may resort to and use their reorganized military force.

The leaders of the Soviet Union and those of the other revisionist countries think that their policy of concessions and capitulation to the capitalist countries of (Europe have explicitly proved to be safe and they are determined to make haste with all their efforts along this road. Now they are ready to make further concessions to the reactionary bourgeois ideology, so that, together with the other European countries, they may balance the American influence.

This is plainly seen in the fact that the Soviet Union and the other revisionists are now dragged along by the European capitalist countries’ policy with the needs and demands of which they coordinate their stand and initiatives. The contradictions between the western countries and the United States have become for the Soviet revisionists a light-house that attracts them and makes them get nearer to and throw themselves into the field of the complicated conjunctures of the capitalist world. But being servants to the bourgeoisie and capital, the revisionists cannot exploit these contradictions for the creation of a favorable revolutionary situation. On the contrary, they try to create a new situation in Europe, which will help especially in strengthening the state power of the European capitalist countries to the detriment of revolution. They think that now all the possibilities exist that this state power can be masked under «socialist and «liberal-democratic» slogans, so as to be more efficient in fighting against the revolutionary forces.

The grand reception given to de Gaulle in Moscow, Podgorny’s visit to Italy and to the Pope, Kosygin’s negotiations in London etc. have all aimed at achieving this main purpose. During those bargainings the western colleagues of the Soviet revisionists have apparently aroused among the Moscow traitors some «hopes»-, of course dubious, but encouraging for their European policy. But these «hopes» must have, at the same time, cost the Soviet leaders and the other European revisionist partners big political, ideological and economic concessions which must have weakened their economic potentiality and which have introduced into their countries «the Trojan horse» of capitalist degeneration. To their official governmental activity in Europe, which is based upon these Utopian «hopes», the Soviet revisionists want now to give an ideological aspect. Herein lies the essence of the Karlovy Vary meeting bearing the title of so-called «European Security» on the surface.

* * *

All this castle of clay foundations which the Khrushchovite revisionists want to build up in Europe is under the careful supervision of U.S. imperialism and its Bonn partner. They will never allow this undertaking to exceed the limits and affect their big interests on this continent.

The Soviet revisionists’ allies, the U.S. imperialists, have lost neither their credit nor their influence on the capitalist countries of Europe. The latter have always considered and continue to consider the United States as their constant salvation from revolution. Were it not for U.S. imperialism, their days would be numbered. Surely there exist contradictions between them and the U.S. imperialists and these contradictions may become even aggravated, but, at present, they are simply of a conjunctural character, of a blackmail character which the western countries utilize to extort more economic profit, to consolidate their national markets and to expand them at the expense of the more backward peoples and countries and, finally, to get rid of the tutelage of the U.S. dictate policy.

In this respect the capitalist countries of Europe employ also the Soviet-revisionist blackmail towards their U.S. allies. This, of course, within certain limits, within the framework of their alliances which they resolutely uphold. For, neither the U.S. imperialists nor their capitalist partners of Europe have ever given up and will ever forget their ultimate common aim — the liquidation of the Soviet Union as a socialist country and the liquidation of socialism in the European countries of people’s democracy. In this competition for the destruction of socialism the Unites States imperialists and their European capitalist partners aim always at weakening as much as possible the Soviet Union in spite of the fact that the latter is turning into a capitalist country. They also aim at destroying the allies of the Soviet Union in order to isolate it.

This is Johnson’s purpose of «setting up bridges», of the offensive of the different U.S. capitalists and the European capitalist bourgeoisie, in the Soviet Union and the other revisionist countries. In this competition, naturally, the richest and the most powerful partner has always the «lion’s» share.

The new settlement that is being prepared by the modern revisionists and the European capitalists, meets with many serious difficulties. It encounters the powerful will of U.S. imperialism, the aggressive policy of West German capital and the problem of the German Democratic Republic.

The Soviet, Polish and Czechoslovakian revisionists are, for the time being, incapable of sacrificing the German Democratic Republic, for they would lose a great deal politically and would be fully exposed. For them, the German Democratic Republic is a buffer state. Besides, they still use the GDR as a means of blackmail for further bargainings with U.S. imperialism and with the European capitalist powers rather than for the real and revolutionary defence of the GDR. Their sacrificing of the GDR at the present conjunctures of the international affairs would mean to strengthen the more aggressive German capitalism, to hasten the process of the destruction of the allies of the Soviet Union in Europe. It would mean a direct threat to the new Soviet capitalism and the Polish national frontiers.

On the other hand, for U.S. imperialism the German Federal Republic is, at present, an important mainstay for preserving the present status quo in Europe, for maintaining the U.S. influence in this continent. The German Federal Republic, in particular, plays an important role in setting up the U.S. «bridges» in the Soviet Union and in the other revisionist countries. It plays the role of the German revanchist threat image.

The actual posture and policy pursued by the German Federal Republic greatly interests U.S. imperialism, which exploits the former to meet the contradictions it has with the other capitalist countries of Europe, to keep under threat and pressure the Soviet Union and to successfully carry out the latter’s degeneration in the political, ideological and economic field.

But the German Federal Republic itself is an aggressive powerful capitalist country. It is an aggressive, revanchist imperialism, having a definite policy of its own. We see from this policy that the German Federal Republic, not abandoning its main basic aims, is making haste and taking part in the race to penetrate economically and politically into the countries where the revisionists hold power and which are very sensible about the Bonn German credits. This has greatly upset the Soviet Union, which sees its allies getting out of its control and Poland, which is ill at ease about the Oder-Neisse boundary. But this process is going to continue regardless of the Soviet and Polish revisionists’ will.

The U.S. imperialists also want to spoil Bonn’s appetite in these courses, but they can do nothing about it. Their main interests dictate that they satisfy, as the saying goes, «both the wolf and the lamb».

The political and economic penetration line pursued by Bonn towards the revisionist countries of Europe, the establishment of diplomatic relations between Rumania and the German Federal Republic and the concern shown by Hungary and Bulgaria for an approach towards Bonn, all this brought about a reaction on the part of the German Democratic Republic, of the Poles and, to some extent, of the Czechs.

The French revisionists, who also regret that de Gaulle does not recognize the German Democratic Republic, are annoyed by Bonn’s revanchist policy. Under these circumstances, the Soviet revisionist leaders were compelled to side with the Polish, the GDR and French revisionists, and to block the way, for the time being, to the Bulgarians, Hungarians and Czechs who intended to establish diplomatic relations with Bonn. Otherwise the Karlovy Vary meeting would fail, which would mean a complete failure of the Soviets’ aim for which they are convening this meeting. That would also mean a 'failure for the French and Polish revisionists who are the actual conductors of the Karlovy Vary meeting.

On the other hand, the renewal of the bilateral treaties between the revisionist countries of Europe is part and parcel of the political plan to disregard the Warsaw Treaty, to weaken and do away with it in order to create facilities for new alliances with the capitalist countries of Europe, to fit the changes and new conjunctures.

Thus, Bonn Germany has become for the Karlovy Vary meeting «the black ogre», for it obstructs the plans that the Soviet revisionists are cooking up with the capitalists of Europe. But Bonn Germany remains a reliable ally to the latter as well as a rub shoulder partner of theirs, though they are showing themselves «generous» towards their new Eastern friends.

Now, the Soviet leaders and their partners are trying to persuade their U.S. ally not to give nuclear weapons to the German Federal Republic and to restrain its revanchist appetite for the German Democratic Republic and the Oder Neisse frontiers. But in this plan they aim at further than that. Non-dissemination of the nuclear weapons for the Soviet revisionists means that the nuclear weapon monopoly be maintained by the Soviet Union and the U.S. The whole project of the «Castle with clay foundations» of «European Security» has been designed under this «umbrella».

So, the mainstay of «peace» a la revisionist in Europe is based on the nuclear weapon monopoly, Soviet Union — U.S., just as the «European Security» is based upon the U.S. — Soviet alliance. It is under this two-fold alliance that «smiles» occur, that concessions and compromises are made and that debates and meetings take place, hoping that the goal will be attained.

All the Soviet revisionist propaganda is concentrated now on this point, and one of the main objectives of the Karlovy Vary meeting is «the political and ideological mobilization of the peoples of Europe» to abandon the revolutionary struggle against European and world capitalism, to abandon the struggle against U.S. imperialism, to consolidate the European, bourgeoisie — old and new, politically and economically, to make it feel safe of revolution, to consolidate class reconciliation, peaceful coexistence, the bourgeois economic and political policy shattered and threatened by Marxism-Leninism and world revolution.

But the Karlovy Vary meeting is a foredoomed meeting — a meeting of traitors to Marxism-Leninism, to revolution and peoples. All of those who are going to meet there are afflicted with «cancer». Incidentally, they chose for their meeting a place where people get cured, but their sickness is incurable. Sooner or later they will be sent to the grave by revolution.

* * *

Then, why do the modern revisionists convene this unsuccessful meeting and why with such a curtailed agenda?

The Khrushchovite revisionists' plan was not the plan of the present meeting, but just as the Albanian saying goes, the hen was reduced to a newly hatched chicken. Other and much greater plans had the Soviet leaders in their worn out bag. First, they had planned a wide-scope meeting of the communist parties of the world, of course the Party of Labor of Albania, the Communist Party of China and the other revolutionary Marxist-Leninist parties and groups not participating. There they had hoped to pass sentence on our Marxist-Leninist parties and to expel them (as if it were dependent on their will!) from the international communist movement.

After so many downright failures in their dirty fight against Marxism-Leninism and scared to death by the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the revisionists wanted, first of all, to have the nominal approval of their treacherous line by the other renegades and christen this line as «the line of the international communist movement».

They wanted to show that, if not in fact, at least in form, «there exists unity» in the international communist movement and that at the top of it stand, as always, the Moscow revisionists. In a word, they wanted that «their conductor’s baton» be reaffirmed in new forms under the new centrifugal conditions on the revisionist front.

It is these objectives, which Khrushchov had failed to attain, that his disciples tried hard to achieve. But they encountered much greater difficulties than their master. The failures with which their treacherous line met in the ideological, political and economic fields stood in very great need of a smoke-screen that would deceive their peoples and would hinder the uprisings in their countries. And a wide-scope meeting of the communist parties of the world, the Soviet revisionists thought, would be the very smoke-screen they needed.

Secondly, the Soviet revisionists had planned to make a great fuss about the «defence» of Vietnam. Their purpose was to conceal their treason to the Vietnamese people as well as their shameful bargainings and covert plots which they concoct with the U.S. imperialists to force the heroic Vietnamese people to their knees so as to save the aggressors and themselves from their shameful defeat. On the other hand, they thought of using the Vietnam problem as a means to denigrate the P.R. of China and accuse it as warmonger and to cheat the peoples of the world and those of Europe, in particular, so that they would easily adhere to the plans of the «European Security».

And finally, the Soviet revisionists wanted to peddle the «European Security» plan referred to above, the concrete intention of which is to fight the revolution in Europe and to shift the flame of the aggressive imperialist war to Asia, Africa and Latin America.

But these overt and covert intentions of the Soviet revisionists met with various resistances on the part of their partners, who pursue their own definite aims and policies.

Some so-called communist parties which in reality pursue an opportunist line trying to hold fast to their so-called middle course, as they see through the cunning approach of the revisionists and intending to maintain their free «maneuvering», attempt to avoid participating at this meeting. They aim at fighting Marxism-Leninism, the Party of Labor of Albania, the Communist Party of China and the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist parties and groups, using their hypocritical way, and at the same time, to trade with and get credits from the imperialists without irritating Moscow, Washington and Bonn.

It is plain that the Yugoslavian Titoite fascists, the open agents of the U.S., cannot participate at this meeting without the permission of the latter, for they do not allow themselves to depart for a moment from their far-away Atlantic master and their Bonn friends, be it even a departure in form. Tito knows well how to maneuver outside this meeting and to even direct Karlovy Vary from Belgrade.

As to the Workers Party of Vietnam, it did not deign to take part at this meeting of traitors and this shows in fact that it is very clear about the base activities of the Soviet revisionists and that it knows what is really meant by those sugar-coated poisonous pills of theirs.

The revisionist parties of the capitalist countries of Europe apparently did not find the full agenda formulated by the Soviet revisionists opportune for the Karlovy Vary meeting. They hesitate and do not agree, for they fear the open and ceaseless polemics by the revolutionary Marxist-Leninists of the world. Another reason is that their actual activities are much more dependent on and coordinated with the bourgeois and social-democratic parties of their own countries rather than with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Their «independence» is dependence on their own national bourgeoisie and their departure from the CPSU has been replaced by their unification with the bourgeois and social-democratic parties.

In these conditions, it is obvious why the initiative of the meeting was taken over by the Polish and French revisionists and why its agenda was reduced to the problem of «European Security».

The French Communist Party, as an initiator of the Karlovy Vary meeting, expresses the will of revisionist-social-democratic coalition established in France of late and which assumed an organized form during the election campaign for the President of the Republic and the National Assembly representatives.

On the other hand, the Karlovy Vary meeting; is another proof of the realization of Togliatti’s polycentrism, of the regrouping of the various revisionist parties, of their separate meetings with separate definite plans and interests, meetings that have nothing in common with the defence of Marxism-Leninism, of socialism, revolution and the genuine internationalist unity of the communists..

The revolutionary Marxist-Leninists throughout the world, the progressive peoples and small countries must grasp this situation and arise to fight. «European Security» is not an isolated problem for Europe but a serious threat for the future of mankind. In Europe, the big capitalist magnates of the world, the Americans, the Soviets, the English, the French, the German revanchists and others, are attempting to come to terms with one another for a new redivision of the world, to fix their spheres, of influence on the back of other peoples and states. The new colonialists, wearing new masks, by demagogy and by their mighty economic and military potentialities, wish to oppress the peoples, to exploit them, to suppress their revolution. They threaten with shellse napalm, with atomic bomb; they deceive with their suffocating credits, they shout at the top of their voice allegedly for peace; they have unleashed U-Thant and the Pope, Tito and Browder who bark worse than barking dogs in all directions. This is a big plot which must be destroyed now before it is not too late.

It is, thus, plain to everybody what are the modern revisionists, with the Soviet revisionists at the top. They are those who embrace and exchange kisses with the imperialists and capitalists all over the world, who bitterly fight against Marxism-Leninism, the Party of Labor of Albania, the Communist Party of China and the other Marxist-Leninist parties and revolutionary groups, who fight against the peoples that have taken up arms to liberate themselves.

All this is a further proof of the degeneration of the revisionist parties which take part in the Karlovy Vary meeting. This is another stage on the way to the grave which the Khrushchovite revisionists and their companions are following in haste.

(Reproduced from the «Zeri i Popullit» daily, dated April 13, 1967)

What Did the Meeting of Renegades at Karlovy Vary Show

In an article published in the April 13th issue of our paper in connection with the Karlovy Vary meeting of the European revisionist parties, it was pointed out that «one of the objectives it had assigned to itself was the political and ideological mobilization of the peoples of Europe to give up the revolutionary struggle against U.S. imperialism, to consolidate the old and new European bourgeoisie politically and economically, to remove all fear of revolution, to consolidate peaceful coexistence, the economy and ideology of the bourgeoisie which has been shattered and endangered by Marxism-Leninism and world revolution. Our assessment and predictions have been fully vindicated. The document for «peace and security in Europe», which the revisionists approved when winding up their treacherous meeting, is a desperate appeal for charity addressed to the U.S. imperialists and the European reactionary bourgeoisie.

It lays bare, for all the world to see, the complete degradation and capitulation of the Khrushchevite revisionists to the bourgeoisie and other reactionary forces, their final transformation into a heap of social reformists placed, from top to bottom, in the service of the capitalist system and counter-revolution. With tears in their eyes and in a fawning manner they beg the upper European bourgeoisie, the plenipotentiary monopolists and high ranking dignitaries of the church, the chiefs of social-democracy and of yellow syndicates, the rulers of Western Europe and reactionaries to accept their call for integration and to admit the revisionist «lost sheep» into their fold.

«Peace at all costs» between socialism and capitalism, between oppressors and the oppressed, between revolution and counter-revolution, between colonies and the metropolis, between victims and imperialist aggressors — this is the leitmotif that runs through the document concluded at the Karlovy Vary meeting and the speeches the revisionist leaders delivered there. Under this revisionist appeal it would not be very difficult for the cardinals of the Vatican, the partisans of European nations and fanatical integralists of Joseph Strauss, the Strassburg parliamentarians and the new monopolist associations of the «Common Market» to attach their signatures.

The revisionists intended to camouflage their unrestrained eagerness to be integrated in the European capitalist concert under the stale and worn-out slogan of «European Security». But this maneuver holds no water any longer and persuades no one. From whom do the European revisionists intend to secure Europe? In a very demagogical and commonplace way, they raise a lot of noise and speak of the danger of German militarism and revanchism. But while beating their drums at high pitch, we see that they are vying with one another to establish all-round relations with Bonn, to get credits, to re-establish deteriorated friendship and to let bygones be bygones. Brezhnyev himself said in a speech at Karlovy Vary: «We, on our part, have stated not only once and are stating again that the Soviet Union is not opposed to improving relations with the German Federal Republic and that it is ready to do everything necessary to this end». The only obstacle lying in this new way for the time being is the impatience of the Kissinger-Brandt coalition to wait for complete revisionist evolution, but wants to cross the Brandenburg Gates to Berlin as soon as possible and then to cross over to the other banks of the Oder and Neisse at once.

At Karlovy Vary the revisionists called for unity with all the European and world bourgeoisie, allegedly, against the militarist and revenge-seeking policy of the German Federal Republic. Whereupon hangs the question: Is it only the German Federal Republic that threatens peace and not the world reactionary bourgeoisie as well? But such is the «logic» of the revisionists and such is their monstrous treachery. They have not only departed from the class positions of Marxism-Leninism which they have betrayed but they have also lost sight of the «dignity» of the capitalist bourgeoisie who resort to the law of the jungle. The revisionists bleat like sheep among a pack of wolves. The «fight» of the revisionists against the German Federal Republic is a bluff from top to bottom intended to draw the attention of the world away from their treachery and the true course of their foreign policy which is the line of collaboration, with the U.S. imperialists and the reactionaries of the whole world, against the working class, the communist movement and the liberation struggle of the people.

In their statement, the revisionists speak of the uneasiness which is allegedly caused by «the growing penetration of U.S. capital in Europe». How ridiculous! Khrushchevite revisionists themselves are flinging their own doors wide open for U.S. capital to get in. The European monopolies, which are investing their capital at present in the Soviet Union, are financed, under authorization by USA, directly by the big U.S. banks. It is a well known fact, for instance, that the amount of some hundreds of millions of dollars which the Italian. «FIAT» firm will use to set up the automobile plant in the Soviet Union will be covered by credits accorded to it by the U.S. «Export-Import» Bank. The other European monopolies which invest their capital in revisionist countries are, likewise, closely linked with those of the U.S. if not, in most cases, their branches. The capital of western monopolies infiltrating now into the Soviet Union and other revisionist countries may be in lire or francs, in pounds sterling or marks but they are all paid in New York in the banks of Wall Street.

Alliance with U.S. imperialism and the line of US-Soviet collaboration are today the cornerstone of the foreign policy of Khrushchevite revisionists. In recent days, the Soviet Union has concluded a range of agreements with the United States and now they are jointly winding up in Geneva the draft-treaty of non-dissemination of nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the representatives of both sides are conducting very hearty talks in Moscow on banning the production of anti-missile rockets of defense. Johnson is demanding with insistence of his Senate to lift every limitation in their trade with the Soviet Union and the Khrushchevite revisionists are singing high praises to the hearty revisionist-US relations.

As to «NATO», the revisionists claim that it has undergone changes and creates no danger any longer, etc. As a proof of this conviction they are trying to liquidate the Warsaw Treaty and beg the partners of the Atlantic bloc to follow their example.

Their words are «Europe for the Europeans», an anti-socialist and anti-internationalist slogan at that but, in fact, they want and work towards it that the U.S. may weave its web over Europe. Their words are: «the United States of America forms a menace» but, in reality, they are its allies just as the German Federal Republic which they feign to point their guns to but with which they maintain relations which will eventually become more intimate regardless of what they say at Karlovy Vary.

Their «criticism» toward the infiltration of U.S. capital in Europe has an ulterior motive. Through this slogan the revisionists intend to draw the attention of the people away from and conceal from their own people the infiltration of European capital into revisionist countries, to minimize the danger from the latter.

The Karlovy Vary Statement tells the European capitalists, «those bourgeois groups who maintain a realist attitude towards present day reality», that is, towards the actual fact of capitalist restoration in the USSR and other Eastern countries, that the integration of revisionist economy with the West will be made on a realistic, capitulating basis, under conditions laid down by London, Paris or Bonn. In short, the Khrushchevite revisionists are telling them openly: «we are removing any fear that may have remained, any doubt about our determination to restore capitalism and to integrate socialism in capitalism». As a matter of fact, the real purpose of the Statement consists in persuading world capitalism that the modern revisionists are no longer communists. This assurance is given by the Statement which, in their words, is a promissory note undersigned by the traitors of Marxism-Leninism, socialism and revolution gathered at Karlovy Vary.

In fact, the question of European security, as the Khrushchevite revisionists are conceiving and carrying out, is another capitulation by them, another revisionist-imperialist conspiracy aiming at sweeping socialism and communism from the face of the earth and at preserving and guaranteeing the capitalist system. It is not without ulterior purpose that revisionist propaganda and diplomacy intensified their attempts for «European Security» exactly when economic reforms are being carried out in the Soviet Union and the other countries of Eastern Europe. «European Security» and «European Collaboration» are slogans carefully chosen by the revisionists as a means to justify and speed up both the restoration of capitalism in their countries as well as its inevitable consequence, their integration in the old bourgeois economy of Europe.

The revisionists of the Soviet Union and of the other countries tried to sanctify and embellish this treacherous policy with the seal of an international «communist» meeting as well. «Liquidating the obstacles artificially created in the economic relations between socialist and capitalist countries of Europe» the Karlovy Vary document has it, «would favor the establishment of fruitful collaboration which would cover a wide range of agreements in the domain of production and scientific research.»

The certificate has been received, now they can march full speed ahead. And in truth, when all that divide the revisionist countries with the capitalist ones are all «artificial», when no essential, class, principled differences have remained, when lines of demarcation have long been wiped out, what can lie in the way of integrating revisionist socialism into capitalism so loudly proclaimed by Titoite propaganda and so much desired by Khrushchev? The Brezhnyev-Kosygin etc. clique showed to be a worthy disciple of theirs. It is openly carrying out integration which only a few years ago was held out as a distant hope by the most extremist revisionists.

It is very characteristic that the Karlovy Vary Statement contains no call, even for demagogical purposes, for a revolutionary struggle of workers against the capitalist yoke and exploitation, for their democratic rights and freedom. And even when addressing the workers, the authors of the Statement confine themselves to ordinary economic, reformist revindications of a social-democratic character «to preserve peace and carry out social democratic transformations», «for a peaceful Europe», «for peace and social justice», «for freedom and progress, for the friendship of peoples» etc. Nothing about resistance but only submittance to the yoke of bourgeois monopolies, class collaboration and submission, obedience to the capitalist order and «peace with all». Prayers and pleas, that’s all! Appeals to «the socialist and social-democratic parties which exert a wide influence among the European working class and participate in running the affairs of certain European states», appeals to «Christian and Protestant forces, to the faithful of all creeds», appeals to «bourgeois groups». It was not without a purpose that Pope Paul VI issued his recent encyclical which the orators at Karlovy Vary extolled to the sky and rendered ardent homage to. The Statement of the Khrushchevite revisionists was a faithful copy of the Papal encyclical. The same bell is chiming: «Capitalism is in danger, we should unite to save it, to prolong its life!»

Not even the national-chauvinists of the Ilnd Internationale, whom Lenin fought, had spoken in such a shameful tone, so openly and cynically as the Khrushchevite revisionists are doing. Now they try to persuade others that only Europe exists in the world today, that its problems are the grand and most ponderous matters of the present international relations, that the destiny of all people is decided and resolved           here.    As concerns     the United States of America, it is left a free hand to act as it pleases in all other zones. By introducing «the European question» into the table of discussions and international bargainings, the Khrushchevite revisionists aim at a considerably clear and well defined objective. They intend to create a peaceful Europe for the U.S. imperialists hoping, in this way, to set up another basis to put into practice Soviet — U.S. collaboration to divide the spheres of influence between two big Powers and create further possibilities to direct the assault of their military and political potential towards Asia and, first and foremost, towards Vietnam and People’s Republic of China. The western press has long continued to announce that many military divisions located in Europe are being transferred one after the other to Asia. And, no matter how much noise the revisionists raise about Vietnam, one thing is very clear: their piffles about European security have but one purpose, namely, to detract the attention of the world from the war in Vietnam and from the anti-imperialist revolutionary struggle of other peoples.

The hypocritical statement which the Karlovy Vary meeting adopted on Vietnam is not worth a penny. The Vietnam card the revisionists intended to play has already been trumped.

It has now been proven by incontestable facts that the Soviet leaders are striving to include the solution of the Vietnam problem within the framework of Soviet-U.S. collaboration, to use it as a means in their joint anti-Chinese campaign. Moscow has now been turned into the principal hideout where the imperialists, revisionists and various reactionaries from all parts of the world design plots against Vietnam, draw up schemes to waylay it, to make it deviate from the right road of people’s war against the aggressor. The Soviet and other revisionists have even taken more rightist postures than many U.S. senators who demand that their government put an end to the war in Vietnam and withdraw U.S. soldiers from there at once.

The escalation of U.S. aggression is, willy-nilly, drawing the revisionists into more openly anti-Vietnamese positions and into more openly pro-U.S. stand. Therefore, further use of demagogical slogans on «solidarity to help the people of Vietnam», on «unity of actions and so on, will not only fail to enable them to cover up their treachery towards the people of Vietnam but will make it more evident. For how long, or at what grade of escalation of U.S. aggression will the Soviet leaders support the U.S.A. and, on the other hand, pose as if helping Vietnam? A time will come when masks are worn out. It is precisely at this lamentable phase that the Khrushchevite revisionists find themselves.

An international conference of such low grade, so stale, so monotonous, so false, so general and with such meager results as the one the revisionists held at Karlovy Vary has never been met with any where and at any time. The chiefs of European revisionism headed by Leonid Brezhnyev stepped up on the rostrum one after the other and repeated the same things, similarly devoid of all pep. It was evident that no one believed in what was said. Their speeches were a contrivance to hide what they do not say, what they cannot say openly. It is true that the revisionist chiefs spoke from the rostrum of the former imperial palace of Karlovy Vary but their thoughts were centered elsewhere. There they formulated the stale points of the joint statement but each kept his real plan in his pocket. Superficially, in words and on paper they seemed to be at one with one another, but in reality, they were at grips with and envious of one another. In reality, it was much ado about nothing. Their statement holds nothing new, it is a compilation of words to please all revisionist groupings, to preserve all appearances and not to interfere with the interests or plans of any one of the participants.

The Karlovy Vary meeting was unable to fill in the gaps of the revisionist front, to strengthen the Soviet posture of hegemony on this front and to consolidate the loose ranks of Khrushchevite allies. Contradictions between countries and parties where the revisionists are in power have deep roots which are becoming deeper and deeper with every passing day. They are the inevitable consequences of the chauvinist policy of the big state pursued by the Soviet leaders in their relations with other countries, on one side, and of the process of restoration of capitalism in the socialist countries of Europe, on the other. The Soviet leaders strive, of course, to keep them under check and safeguard the role of hegemony, but it is precisely this «concern» that constitutes one of the factors that urges them to seek new alliances to save themselves from Soviet intervention, to have more freedom of maneuver. The leaders in power in socialist countries are no longer willing to have the Soviet Union lay out their grand foreign policy for them to simply follow suit. The long and short of it is that among them there have now been established and are being established relations of a thoroughly bourgeois type, changeable to fit the conjunctures of the day and individual national interests which no minting and no operation can settle. In their fight against Marxism-Leninism they are, of course, united but in this fight each follows its own particular interests, each trying to reach those objectives that interest it alone, to win superiority, influence, to strike up bargains, etc. In this basket of shrimps it is hard for the Soviet leaders to establish order, to create unified views and attitudes and, less so, when they are to comply in full with their interests and intentions.

For purposes of propaganda and to save all appearances for having done nothing, the Soviet leaders begged of the other participants at the meeting to address to them some kind of homage or compliment on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. But speculation with the glory of the Great Socialist Revolution and of the first socialist State holds no water any more. The Khrushchevite revisionists have betrayed Lenin and those who, 50 years ago, overthrew the Czar and established the Soviets, they have betrayed the blood shed by 20 million Soviet people in defense of their country and to free Europe from the fascist plague. There is no doubt that the gloomy clouds which have covered today the homeland of the October Socialist Revolution will some day move away. The great and immortal ideas of Lenin and Stalin which live in the hearts of the rank and file of the Soviet Union and which have been engraved on the banners of the revolutionary battles of true communists will most certainly triumph over revisionism which has usurped the leadership of the Party and State by force.

The Khrushchevite revisionists hope to utilize their meeting at Karlovy Vary for purposes of fresh demagogy and fraud. But Marxist-Leninists and revolutionary people are already well acquainted with revisionist tactics and know how to make a correct analysis of situations and to draw the necessary conclusions. They are certainly wise to the fact that, faced with fresh conspiracies concocted by the revisionists, they will tighten their ranks and fight more intensively to expose revisionism.

It is the duty of Marxist-Leninists and of all genuine revolutionaries to draw a clear line of demarcation with the revisionist renegades who, through their treachery and conspiracies, have placed themselves outside the anti-imperialist front, outside the international communist movement.

The Marxist-Leninists are the revolutionary force capable of leading the class struggle against imperialism, opportunism and the bourgeoisie in Europe pregnant with revisionism. The future is theirs. In its name, in the name of revolution and socialism, they should muster all their efforts and fight with determination against imperialism and its lackeys, the Khrushchevite revisionists.

On the eve of the Great October Socialist Revolution, Lenin boldly detached himself from the Russian social-opportunists and the Second treacherous Internationale and fought against them with pluck and courage. This important revolutionary gesture was one of the basic conditions and guarantees under which the revolution came off triumphant. We should always bear in mind this great teaching of history.

Therefore, in order that the revolution may win, we should fight with might and main to the end, we should fight with determination and without hesitation against modem revisionism which constitutes the principal danger for the International communist movement.

(Reproduced from the «Zeri i Popullit» daily, dated May 5, 1967)

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