From Albania Today, 1982, 4

On the Centenary of His Birth

The Revolutionary Work of George Dimitrov Is Immortal

“Zëri i Popullit” – organ of the CC of the PLA

Our people commemorate the centenary of the birth of George Dimitrov, the outstanding Marxist-Leninist leader of the proletariat and the international communist movement, the internationalist fighter who will remain unforgettable in the hearts of the communists and the peoples. George Dimitrov emerged from the ranks of the Bulgarian working class and grew up with the brilliant features of the outstanding Bolshevik fighter. These features manifested themselves in full force all through his life, which he devoted to the struggle for the genuine national and social liberation of his own people and for the great cause of the revolution and socialism in the world.

The personality of George Dimitrov, the loyal disciple of Lenin and Stalin, one of the main leaders of the Third Communist International, is outstanding for the great contribution he made to the unswerving struggle of principle for the triumph of bolshevism and the tempering of communist parties, the strengthening of their links with the masses, the organization of the resistance and struggle of the proletariat and the working masses against capitalist oppression and exploitation, against fascism and the threat of the imperialist war.

The activity of George Dimitrov for the strengthening of the communist parties and the communist movement is still valid today for the Marxist-Leninist parties and the genuine communists everywhere in the world. From this activity they learn how to strengthen their links with the masses and to organize them, how to utilize and correctly combine all the forms of the legal and underground work, how to strengthen unity in struggle against any manifestation of bourgeois legalism and liberalism, as well as narrow sectarianism and forms of closed work.

Throughout his whole life of an outstanding communist George Dimitrov unswervingly defended the Marxist-Leninist theory and resolutely applied it in practice. Working besides J. V. Stalin, as his disciple and comrade-in-arms, Dimitrov waged a consistent class struggle against right opportunism, Bukharinism, as well as against “left” opportunism, Trotskyism, in the international communist movement. He fought to place the communist parties in the full role of the political and ideological staff of the proletariat and transform the Communist International into a powerful and militant organization of the communist movement and of the proletariat of the world. When J. V. Stalin and the international communist movement uncovered and exposed Titoite revisionism, George Dimitrov adopted a staunch stand of principle, stigmatized the betrayal of the Yugoslav revisionist leadership, its counter-revolutionary divisive role in the world communist movement, its activities to undermine the revolution and the liberation struggle of the peoples.

The consistent and principled stand of George Dimitrov in defence of the principles of Marxism-Leninism, in struggle with all opportunist and revisionist deviations, is a brilliant example from which the Marxist-Leninists and genuine revolutionaries in the world learn and draw inspiration in their struggle against the various trends of modem revisionism – Khrushchevite, Chinese, Titoite, or Eurocommunist.

The personality of George Dimitrov rises giant-like as the great proletarian fighter against imperialism and fascism, in defence of the cause of the proletariat and the peoples, of freedom and independence, of national and social rights. The legendary hero of Leipzig, from the dock of the trial rigged by the fascists against the communists, exposed and confounded the Nazis with his rare skill and courage, and from an accused became the accuser. The heroic stand of George Dimitrov in Leipzig “was a brilliant example of the bolshevik tempered in the school of Stalin, of the old fighter with an ever young heart who never feared death,” Comrade Enver Hoxha has said.

By laying bare the essence and the threat of fascism, George Dimitrov stressed that fascism is the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinist and imperialist circles of financial capital, bent on launching imperialist wars and enslaving the peoples. He rose will all his strength against imperialism and the imperialist war which was being prepared. His stand towards imperialism, fascism and the aggressive wars is for the proletarians and the peoples in our days a great lesson which shows them how to fight to stay the hand of the imperialist superpowers, which, in concert or rivalry with each other, have stepped up their aggressive activities against the peoples and sovereign nations, are raising tension and stirring up wars all over the world, from Indochina, Afghanistan, the Middle East, to the Malvinas, carrying on with the armaments race and preparing to bring mankind into the holocaust of a new imperialist war.

Analysing the threat of fascism and war, George Dimitrov reached the conclusion that in the situation created, the capitalist world was going through the anti-fascist stage, which was democratic in content, a period of the development of the revolution which prepared the ground for the transition to the socialist revolution. The idea of the anti-fascist democratic national liberation revolution was further developed and found its expression in our country, too. The National Liberation War of the Albanian people against the fascist invaders and the local traitors, under the leadership of the CPA (today the PLA) with Comrade Enver Hoxha at the head, was transformed into a deep-going people’s revolution which led to the achievement of the real national independence and the triumph of socialism, and the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

To George Dimitrov goes the great credit of having worked out the policy, strategy and tactics of the communist movement. Of special importance is his idea of the creation of broad anti-fascist popular fronts, as a form of organization and union of the working class, the peasantry, the intelligentsia and all the patriotic and democratic forces in the struggle against fascism and imperialism. The correctness of the policy of the anti-fascist popular front, approved at the 7th Congress of the Communist International, was confirmed in practice by the entire course of events on the eve of the Second World War and during the War. Under the leadership of Stalin and of his disciple and close collaborator – George Dimitrov, the Communist International was transformed into a powerful organization of the proletariat in the world, and made an outstanding contribution to all the development of the international communist movement, and the achievement of its historic victories. The revisionists who attack and slander the activity of the Communist International today, do nothing else than prove once again to the peoples of the world, that they have turned complete traitors not only of the communist ideals but even of the democratic and anti-fascist ideals. Moreover, the Soviet, Chinese and other revisionists have become social-imperialists and social-fascists who pursue a policy of aggression and war, the policy of the oppression and enslavement of the peoples.

George Dimitrov was the great and loyal friend of our Party and people. As the outstanding proletarian internationalist he was, he lent powerful support to our Party and people in their struggle against imperialism and its tools, and in defence of freedom and independence, for the consolidation and promotion of socialist victories. Speaking about our Party, which he esteemed and respected, George Dimitrov has said: “It is a Marxist-Leninist party created in the heat of the war,” a party “which has a brilliant record of revolutionary activity.”

Our Party and people, united in unbreakable unity, have always held high the banner of triumphant Marxism-Leninism under which George Dimitrov fought resolutely, have always marched confidently on the brilliant road of socialism, pledging allegiance to the revolutionary ideals of communism in irreconcilable struggle with the modern revisionists, including the Bulgarian revisionists who have turned complete traitors of Marxism-Leninism, of proletarian internationalism and the work of George Dimitrov.

The revisionists’ fabrications about the role and figure of George Dimitrov on the centenary of the birthday of this outstanding Marxist-Leninist, the hackneyed Ponomarev-like phrases concocted in the Kremlin and served to Sophia, all their refined demagogy cannot beguile the revolutionaries and the proletariat. Both in theory and in practice the revisionists have thrown in the mud the great ideal and all the invaluable patrimony, the experience of the struggle and the Leninist teachings of George Dimitrov.

However the life and activity of George Dimitrov are immortal. Comrade Enver Hoxha has said, “We Albanian revolutionaries, like all the revolutionaries of the world, have learned from them and have been educated with them...” The name of George Dimitrov will always remain unforgettable in the hearts of the ordinary people all over the world, his work will sound like a battle cry for the triumph of the cause of the revolution, the proletariat and the peoples.

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