Stalin Today

Speech by Ubaldo Buttafava, on behalf Organization for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy (‘Our Struggle’) held at the University of Moscow


The time of walking inexorable History, erasing from memory or marking with the brand of infamy everything that has prevented the progress of humanity.

At the same time rising more and more on the horizon, as the giants of history, events and people that the dark days of the reaction had clouded with lies.

And the more time as the measure of things, the more the work and thought of Joseph Stalin stand alongside the epic Spartacus and the “Commune” of Paris, thinkers and revolutionaries like Robespierre, Marx and Lenin.

The revolutionary storms that will arise in all their radical depth, report to current practice and teaching of Stalin. All his work, without exception, is an inexhaustible treasure from which all communists, revolutionaries and patriots must draw from.

There is no field of the social sciences where Stalin has given its creative theoretical contribution, where it has applied scientific rigor and with great success, Marxism-Leninism.

The study of his works confirms that he is a classic of Marxist theory, the one who first in history has faced for decades and take the unexplored paths that lead to socialism and communism.

The task left to him by Lenin was so huge that only a man of exceptional ability and willingness could achieve.

And Stalin won, it was the flag of the proletarians of the whole world, and they felt certain that a new world can be built, he was the terror of the capitalists and opportunists.

For the bourgeoisie and “revolutionary” petty bourgeois attacks on Stalin, slander, are current, because the current is for them the struggle against socialism and communism.

In philosophy, economics, politics, culture, linguistics, science, military and the diplomatic, in matters of strategy and tactics, organization of the Party, State, Trade Union, Stalin was the helmsman of the Movement Communist.

Josif Vissarionovich was the builder and the undisputed leader of the Communist International.

Thanks to his leadership, the movement has become a world power in every corner of the Earth, tempered ideologically monolithic in his will, inspired by the highest ideals.

In the name of Stalin millions of men faced all kinds of sacrifice, giving his life, Stalin expressed what more great and noble in us communists.

With Stalin at the head of the Communist Party (Bolshevik) of the socialism of the USSR defeated Nazi-fascist imperialism in the Great Patriotic War, creating the conditions for the formation of the great Socialist bloc and the collapse of the old colonialism worldwide. This is the practice of truth, the truth of history.


So, all the work of Joseph Stalin is present, but in this historical moment of defeat General opportunism of modern revisionist Tito-Khrushchev, what aspects of Stalinist thought perhaps were not fully detailed? What more can help us to understand the causes of the temporary defeat of the Communist Movement?

We, the Italian Marxist-Leninists, we propose some attention of this Seminar, knowing full well that no more than you, Soviet comrades, know your history and work of Stalin.

As you know, the fight against revisionism permeates the whole life of our movement since the time of Karl Marx, but after the death of Stalin, with the advent of Khrushchevism that begins in the Communist Movement, with the Moscow Conference of 1960, the historic speech of Comrade Enver Hoxha, Secretary of the Party of Labor of Albania, the struggle against modern revisionism in power and who had announced his appearance with the Yugoslav Tito clique.

From that conference have passed more than 30 years, and throughout this time the resurrected International Marxist-Leninist Movement defended and developed the revolutionary theory and practice, and today leads major class battles all over the world. They have been years of fights hard and complex, for life or death struggles that have prevented the complete victory of revisionism, and during which the Marxist-Leninist theory has developed its own against new forms that revisionism has taken in first socialist countries.

The conclusion that we Italian communists, we can draw from history is that Stalin had brought to the attention of the Party all matters related to the danger of capitalist restoration in the USSR.

In particular should be indicated in our opinion these problems: 1) that for a country that builds socialism contradiction with imperialism is not a simple external condition, secondary, but the other aspect, interdependent, the contradiction between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, on which the final victory.

A contradiction which is reflected in the socialist society, expressing in its highest form, with the political struggle, in the same row of the Party in power.

2) the class struggle in socialism continues even if the exploiting classes no longer exist in the economic field.

Stalin has indicated that the ideological struggle is not only a cultural struggle, a struggle against bourgeois psychology, but a class struggle, politics, a concrete struggle, acute, in accordance with the Marxist principle that thought is a form of matter. For this reason the International Marxist-Leninist Movement says that revisionism in power is the bourgeoisie to power.

3) Stalin showed us how the proletarian revolution socializing the means of production, creates forms of socialism, but how these forms can also have a non-socialist content.

And this is in accordance with the Marxist thesis that the property is a category de facto and not de jure, that the property is realized in the real domain, consumption, for which one has to ask who profits from this property. Stalin explained to the party that the creation of Sovkos and Kolkos could be a building on the sand if you do not put in the center of the struggle for communism, class struggle domestic and international interdependent.

Stalin, until the last day of his life, warned the Party from the danger of counter-revolution, as when in dispute with the Iaroscenko economist wrote in 1952: “…. the development of relations of production delays and delay compared to the development of productive forces. With the right policy governing bodies of these contradictions cannot turn in contrast… But it would not be so if we make a wrong policy, …. In this case, the conflict would be inevitable, and our relationship production could become a very serious brake the further development of the productive forces. “

We think, therefore, that the Italian Communists Stalinism is the most advanced of Marxism-Leninism, the basis on which to analyze, understand and overcome the modern revisionism. That Leninism, Stalinism, that the Bolsheviks were a current (of course the leadership of the Party), but not the only trend in the CPSU.

In this regard, it seems to us that we can already say that in recent times of Stalin’s life, right-wing tendencies in the Party openly were able to influence the men around Stalin.

You cannot explain how else the arguments mentioned above Stalin did not have the raised – and are indeed been shaded-in publications of the Party.

Just one example: in the international field the report and closing speeches of Stalin-of-the plenum of the Central Committee of the PC (B) the USSR, 3-5 March 1937, are unknown, it is written, as you well know Soviet comrades, fundamental, which were rightly included in the collection “Questions of Leninism.”


Certainly in your speeches will face off in a specific way other topics on the agenda, in particular issues related to the transition to a socialist society, such as: the historical limitations inevitable but surmountable, subjective and objective of each revolution, the bureaucracy that affects the apparatus, the role of the market, the division between manual and intellectual labor, the dictatorship of the proletariat in the march towards communism, the cultural revolution.

Of course we communists reject the “theories” ultra-left and middle-class according to which socialism in one country is impossible that we can build communism without the leadership of the Communist Party that the USSR was not a socialist country, and other nonsense kind.

We condemn the thesis of the XX Congress of the CPSU on the “State of the whole people” and the “party of the whole people”, the theses on the “peaceful transition to socialism”, the “peaceful competition” and the “peaceful coexistence” (Khrushchevite) thesis that were made to pass covered by the clamor of so-called “Critique of the cult of personality of Stalin” and the demagoguery of greater democracy and collegial direction.

Proletarian democracy is expressed by the proletarian dictatorship, the Marxist-Leninist Party, under the direction of eminent personalities like Lenin and Stalin, it is additionally the lower stage of a political superior: Communism.


The advent of revisionism in the USSR was a great tragedy nationally and internationally, which now had its natural end. The clique of Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Gorbachev, piegatasi in front of imperialism showed its true face, that of political personnel in the new middle class that has been forming in recent decades.

The collapse of the USSR is on the one hand the defeat of this bourgeoisie in front of international imperialism, and at the same time, a time of general crisis of world capitalism.

It is, however, before all of you, Soviet Communists, analyze the process of the restoration of capitalism in the USSR occurred.

Understanding how and why, after the death of Stalin, his comrades-in-arms did not grasp all the dangers of rising Khrushchevism; degenerated because reports in the field of distribution favoring the formation of the class of bureaucrats and technocrats, who became the social support Khrushchevites of them, because they came to the total transformation of property relations, distribution, exchange and management. We know that the Marxist-Leninist counter-revolutionary transformation of the superstructure leads to the alteration of the economic base, the state-owned, its contents are modified in relation to the socio-economic order, with the class character of the state.

You will have to analyze how the state-owned socialist USSR was transformed into a form of capitalist private property with a high degree of concentration of production and capital. As asserted themselves freely to the laws of the capitalist economy, such as profit and value, and the categories that follow, and so is true for commodity production, the transformation of the means of production into commodities.

You will have to ask how could this happen peacefully that the workforce has been transformed into a commodity (when it was stated that Soviet society was a socialist), and we know-as-Lenin teaches us that when producers are dispossessed of the means of production , ‘s economy is bourgeois.

The bureaucrats and technocrats (the new bourgeoisie) had the right to dismiss, to establish the amount of the wages of the workers, to determine the profits to be retained for themselves, to play the free play of prices and the relationships with other companies monopolistic.

The Marxist-Leninist theory teaches us that “the capital is nothing without wage labor, without value, without money, without prices”, etc.. Marx’s analysis of the essence of capitalist relations of production, indicated that such relationships have two specific aspects: first, the development of commodity-money relations at the highest level, and the fact that the fundamental purpose and directed production is surplus value. Now, these two essential requirements of the capitalist economy were the basis of the mode of production Khrushchev-Brezhnev? What consequences have resulted in various economic reforms occurred over the last decades? : The unlimited freedom of action of economic companies in the field of production, distribution, in the collection, investment in fixed capital in the use of basic funds. The powers granted to the managers of consortia economic, agricultural-industrial complexes and businesses in the use and management of the means of production, in the field of relations of trade and distribution of products, selling them in order to earn handsome income and profits.

It can be considered socialist economy that puts at its foundation the maximum profit? Profit, which is then divided into measurement of the position in the scale of the social pyramid.

All decisions regarding investment, production management, employment, etc.. were made solely on the principle of securing the most profit.

The main relationships of each company with the state, with the balance, with the banks, etc.. were realized starting from the index of profit.

It seems logical then that the new middle class at every level he tried to increase the maximum profit by any means, especially by increasing the degree of exploitation of the working class. At this served the restoration of capitalist categories of commodity production, such as production bonuses, the standard average of profit, interest on capital, etc..

For these and other reasons reigned the law of competition and anarchy in production.

The analysis of concrete data of the Soviet economy of the 70s and 80s, in the light of the same official press of the USSR, on the norm of profit and the norm of the surplus value is eloquent.

The norm of profit in 1971 had reached 27.3% in 1976 to 36%.

In the period 1971-1975 he was made a profit of 500 billion rubles, an increase of 1.5 times that of the period 1966-1970.

The “Planovoje hozjistvo” No. 7, 1976, p. 124 reported that the private money capital was about 90 billion rubles in interest and gave a benefit 3-4 billion rubles per year.

At the same time, in 1975, the rate of exploitation of the Soviet working class was 25% higher than in 1960.

While in recent decades, unemployment, under-employment and the expulsion of women from production, grew exponentially in number of millions.

The process of restoration of capitalist relations of distribution was characterized-it seems to us to be two main parts: the working class, deprived of the means of production made by managers during the distribution of profits began to receive only the value of its work force under form of wages capitalist, while the remaining part of the value was forfeited by the middle class revisionist form of surplus value.

The appropriate surplus value from the Soviet bourgeoisie took on various forms. This bourgeoisie, as mistress of the collective means of production, transformed much of this surplus-value into capital, in the form corresponding to the state-monopoly capitalism.

Of this part, as well as the means of production, it directed it and appropriated it as a class.

Another portion of the surplus came from it individually distributed among the members of his class in the form of lavish salaries and bonuses of many bureaucrats and managers. Just think about it on the fact that the salaries and bonuses of the managers, the elite of the Party, the state, the army, the KGB, scientists, were 15 to 20 times higher than the wages of common workers.

And this analysis, only hinted at here, it should be-as mentioned before-you-depth and expanded enormously, comrades Soviets.

What about the development in recent decades has had the collective-farm economy, both as a machined surface (7.5 million hectares in the 70s), which as production volume, in vegetables, meat, milk, eggs in wool, etc..

While the average consumption of the average Soviet citizen was below the standards necessary, to arrive today at the level of survival.

Therefore, the total degeneration of socialist relations management in capitalist relations was due to surrender to the direction centrally planned economy, the granting of full autonomy of business enterprises through the application of a principle of balanced management. The system of remuneration had on the fundamental principle the definition of earnings according to the benefits realized.

The profit constituted as the basis for calculation of earnings of the fund, as the main source of its funding.

Another index of evaluation of the work in the companies was the sales volume.

The latter was defined by the market situation. So that in fact it was precisely the spontaneity of the market that regulated production. At the same time the distribution of investments is PERFORMED according to the so-called coefficient of the regulatory capital investment, which in reality was the average rate of profit.

Through the decentralization of prices, prices set by the companies themselves, acted in various forms the free play of prices. Throughout the Soviet Union had been established the capitalist class interest on capital.

In companies wholesale prices were fixed in order to ensure, on a fully autonomous, first profit.

As a basis for such an operation had been adopted the scheme of capitalist determination of prices of production. Therefore the price of goods is calculated as follows: the running costs (the cost) were added to the average profitability (calculated on production funds, not the cost), that is, according to the formula of the average cost of capitalist production, which guarantees equal profits for equal capital.

Design is based on the principle of competition, such a pricing structure sharpened the competitive struggle. Certainly there were-as you know-centralized prices, but they too were established on the basis of supply and demand, according to the laws of the capitalist market.

So, as he said the Comrade Enver Hoxha: “The modern revisionists have finally destroyed the socialist system in their countries, transforming it into a capitalist system.”


The change of the social nature of the USSR could not help but reflect on his foreign policy.

The crack Khrushchevite exported its model in different countries of people’s democracy, established official and secret pacts with U.S. imperialism, bound his own hands and feet with the foreign economy, put the neck of the Soviet peoples the noose of debt-for billions of rubles global financial oligarchy, exported its domain of great power without favoring a genuine development of socialism, tried to impose revisionism Communists from all over the world, became one of the leading exporters of weapons, favored opportunism and sabotaged the revolution. Turned the USSR into a prison of peoples and nationalities, the great country of socialism, the hope of the peoples of the world, in a social-imperialist power. In fact, the policy Khrushchev did not favor the revolution but restoration, not progress but the destruction of your and our historic victories.


we believe that the revival of the International Communist Movement can take place starting from the immense experience of the Great October Revolution, the enormous practical and theoretical heritage left to us by Joseph Stalin, which is the secure base in the struggle for revolution against imperialism, for the solution of all questions of strategy and tactics for the building of a new Communist International, for the future construction of the new socialist society.

The thought of Stalin is now the most powerful weapon against the most sophisticated modern forms of revisionism.

The figure and work of Stalin must be the watershed most emphatically, the bastion, between us and all our enemies and false communists.


We Communists (Marxist-Leninist) Italian heart hope that the Communists and the Soviet peoples to join compact with the great world front of revolution.

We hope that the revolutionary process in the former USSR return to the path on the way Lenin’s seizure of power as it did in October 1917, for the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat and the reconstruction of Socialism.

Today, the balance of forces between the revolution and the world reaction is completely in favor of the proletariat and peoples.

Imperialism is dying and the revolution is a question asked in all countries of the world.

The collapse of revisionism heralds a revolution.

Long live the Soviet working class!

Long live the proletarian internationalism!

Long live the immortal revolutionary doctrine, Marxism-Leninism!

Eternal Glory to the great Stalin, the victorious banner of the Communists around the world!

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